Monday, August 29, 2005

Just a Little Bit

So if any of you heard that audio post, you know all my mates are living it up in Las Vegas. I can only imagine what a wild time they been having. But I know for a fact that it would only be way better if I was there. I have studied the scene in Vegas by watching E! Entertainment channel. I wanna be kicking it at The Palms with Jenny McCarthy and clubbin at Skin with all the Vegas lingerie girls. But alas, for the time being I have to be contented with Jakarta. And it really was not a half bad weekend. Friday night was off the hook and Satarday at Bliss was HOT! Sunday night was pretty wikid as well. It has been a non-stop weekend. My brain feels like it has been invaded by hundreds of little people with pitch forks, who keep stabbing and jumping on my nerve endings. Its gonna be a serious effort not to go over the edge today.


AmitD said...

Good talkin to you dawg. We definitely have to meet up soon. All that time in the states and I never went to Vegas. One of the few things that I regret not doing...:(

Avi said...

yeah dude, you crack me up bro. the chick i was with thought i was nuts. I got some wikid pictures too post but the line is really slow today and I got loads of work. ill try and get it up tomorrow.

AmitD said...

not got it up yet?? maybe you need some help dude...:)