Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Where De Party @

*all people in these pictures are my friends, and images have been used with prior consent. Consent however was obtained while the subjects were highly intoxicated. Names have been withheld and/or altered to protect the guilty. Do not harrass them if you know them.

Heres a few pics from the party at Fez Lounge last Friday. I managed to get it up even though it is taking some time! Sorry but I am not as FAST as some of you (Amit aka Flash Gordon). As all my mates were out of town, I ventured there solo but I quickly found some partners in crime, in no time. Its a little somthing I picked up in San Quintin.

He fell in love with my bottles. And honestly, can you blame him?! The ladies were hot too. I figure these girls are Indian enough to take home to Mom. Just slap a bindi on them and its all good it seems.

I guess at some point I fell under the illusion that I was Tupac and DJ Cabul checked himself as Dr. Dre. So heres a shout out to all our homies on the Vest Coast Yaar! To all my brothers doin life in hell, and my brothers doin time in the jail cell (Accra Boys).

Girls dig guys with BIG bottles, as you can see from the picture below. It IS the size of the boat and NOT the motion of the ocean. They were all lying to you! And I much rather have her playing with my bottles than my buddy in the first picture.

Belly dancers moved around the bar, arrousing the male coustomers and enticing them to stick around and buy more drinks. The outfits they wore were tasteful and not skanky.

However after some point the girls went wild, as they do. The dancers outfits soon started to make me feel like I was in a rap video. That could have had somthing to do with the Tupac Complex.

Tell me somthing. Have you ever seen a happier white dude?! This guy is a fucking poster child for tourism in Jakarta. Come visit me and you will look like this for a week! And looking at the last prior, can you balme him?

Meanwhile we local boys kept the shots flowing. Things seem pretty intense I look like a man on a mission. To drag every man woman and child into my realm of insanity.

We continued to pour poison down our throats and carried the definition of absolut drunkeness to a whole new level, with the help of absolut vodka, we got absolut-ly pissed.

Soon a storm began to brew, and we laughed and danced like wild jackals. Actually we stumbled around and talked a whole lot of shit that made sense at the time. But thinking back to it now... What the fuck was going on? And who the hell am I yelling at?

The night wore on and daddy kept his cool. The crowd thinned off and people appered to be pairing off like 16 year olds on prom night. The bizzare ritual we follow that seems to part of our primal instinct. Like animals at a watering hole in East Africa.

Alas I have made a pledge that some of you might remeber so as the lights went off and my standard last song (Jammin') came up on the speakers, I sat alone. I came there alone, and I left alone. Just as I will this world. And just as burned out as I was that night I hope.

To all my mates who missed out. Trust me when I say I had one (or more) for you. Holla back at me.


rishtafari said...

kudos to the lone soul warrior, from the looks of it you must have some mean monkey spanking going on!

More power to you!

Jax said...

Hahahahaha. Seems like you had a blast. Good for you Avi!!!

AmitD said...

whoooo baby! dats where da party is... where the hell am i?

Anonymous said...

Avs looking good my man........did it feel the same though....without me :(


mogs said...

That does look like a wild time! Can see that you're soaking in the lyrics from 'jamming'

Avi said...

Fella's, this is JKT every night if you want it to be. Now you know where to spend your next vacation.

Took me a second to figure out who Raj is. NEELU!!! Its nver the same without you bro, and you know this, MAN.

Amit, that ass shot was posted just for you. I think it was taken with you in mind as well. Scary.

Ro, you should use that as a screen saver. I met your wife the other day. Remember?

Rishi, Ek Bandar mere Chaddi Ke Andar. Salala mar mar ke behosh kar diya!! You can ask Jax what that meens. My forearms are getting bigger.

ival said...

Makes me remember the crazy more time??