Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Yesterday I walked with the living dead. I managed to lay low the whole weekend and come Sunday evening I was chillin on my couch, planning to watch a few hours of TV before going to bed and waking up fresh to face the week. My buddies had been calling me up all day about a party they hooked up in Carita (beach about 2 ½ hours from Jakarta) that night and they were heading up at that time. I had actually planned to go but I was flaking on them. At about 11pm Sunday night we got in the car and drove up to the party. Things just happened that way. Thanks to my cousin Inny.

We got there at about 12.30am and the party had not really kicked off yet. Our mates had the bar set up good. It was a party for the Fez group and they were expecting 150 people. Check out the ice box! I needs me one of those!!! There was ice flowing all the way till morning. And as you can see there was also choke alcohol and pretty purple cups.

There were only about 20 of us there when it kicked off. The rest were e4xpected to come in on busses at about 3 am. So till then we just set up and listened to some music. DJ Cabul brought in the whole fucking set up!!! Mixers, huge ass speakers, and all.They set up in a litle gazebo on the edge of the beach.

We managed to get a little fire blazin. There is nothing like a fire on the beach. The wind was pretty cool and the fire + whiskey were nice and warm. There were rows of tiki torches set up on the beach that added to the atmosphere as well. This time I did not fuck with the fire cause my fingers are still numb from what happened the last time.

Before my good friend left town last week, he left me a little sumtin-suntin to keep sustained with. It came in pretty handy at the party. Thanks bro, and its all gone now.

By the time the crowds arrived we were on a whole new level. I did not realize there would actually be this many people. My cousin and I actuallt spent a few hours tending the bar while they played games and had lucky draws. We were the only 2 customers of Fez invited to join the party so they had a blast preasuring us when drinks were not coming fast enough, or if we ran out of mixers or cups. I was still totally hung up on that fucking ice box! It was awesome!

My friend is also a bad ass bar man. He was flipping the bottle around and this picture came out pretty cool. I took another picture while strolling down the beach. Carita would probably not be the best place for you to take the family for a break of you plan to spend the days chilling on a white sandy beach. Unless if bt whiter you mean covered in Styrofoam. Very sad indeed.

Come morning we all ending up in the ocean. The music kept pumping and we rolled out some sweet reggae tunes to the rising sun. We did not have supplies for Bloody Marries (breakfast of champions) so we settled for tequila shots. It hurt me all of yesterday.

For some reason Inny and I decided to drive back to Jakarta at 7am in a mild attempt to make it to work on time. I hit the city highway at about 8.30am and smack down into horrendous traffic.

I made it into work by about 10.30 and I had one hell of a day yesterday. By 8pm I was in bed and my eyes did not open till 8am this morning. Overall it was an awesome night and I think it was really because we went there with no plans or expectations. It always pays off to be a bit spontaneous every once in a while.


Shan said...

Dude I can so relate. Yesterday morning must have hurt!!!

AmitD said...

Good stuff dawg... no wonder you didn't make a move in chess. haha

Avi said...

im back and i am FRESH!!!