Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Blog Pimpin'

For those of us with a few minutes to burn everyday, here is something for you to keep your eye on. Starting tomorrow, a few blokes in South Africa are setting up an internet based business and they only have 3 days to get it up and running and I am also guessing, profitable. You can start learning about it on their blog. I figure this should be interesting to watch and I know a couple of you might actually find this useful.


Anonymous said...

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mogs said...

Whoa!! Really creative way of marketing themselves...I might have to steal some of their blog marketing techniques.

blizzardofoz said...

yeah, seriously! I could use a few extra bucks.
I'll have to check it out

Avi said...

I am prety excited to see what they come up with. Come back and share your thoughts too.

ival said...

I dont know what these guys were thinking. You cannot do anythign like that in 3 days. What internet marketing can u do in 2 days. You dont have any search engine placing and you cannot get enough banner ad exposure. How did they expect to make any money at all?

The novelty of it would drive traffic to their website, and they could have made some money, but not in 3 days!!

There is a guy who made a home page for click through revenue from banner ads and made $249,000.00 in 3 weeks. Thats a quarter of a million dollars in 3 weeks.

I'll get more details of it and post it on my blog next week.