Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Sounds of Silence

I want to do what is right. I think that can be said for most of us. No matter what I do, I want it to be fair, in my mind at least. I don’t want to steal, kill, or hurt another human being. We still probably do this on a daily basis, although unconsciously. But what happens when your job is hurting people. The means for you to make a living is not just indirectly affecting people, but directly hurting those around you, and more importantly yourself. We are sometimes forced to be secretive, sly, cunning, malicious, underhanded, two faced, and out right vindictive in order to secure a deal or make a profit. When you are on the battle grounds of your office then the rules change. As they do on any battle field. The common morals that we are brought up with are out the window. It is your JOB to kill and WIN.

Well I guess we all have a choice. You don’t have to join the business world, or you can run your business in a new and alternative way where everyone can be the best they can be and live harmoniously like the Smurfs. Unfortunately I do not believe that is true anymore. Day after day we make compromises and soon enough you can’t even see the red line you said you would never cross. You could get a job, collect a salary, and not feel responsible for what the moral stance of the company is as a whole. But as some people say, if your part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

On the other hand, you could become a volunteer social worker and travel around the world, living in horrid conditions, and helping the less fortunate. I admire all people who choose water of wine and do not feel the need for wealth and power. They can be contented doing their small part to help the world, even though they work under an organization that might still corrupt. At the end of the day they are hands on helping people. Teachers also deserve praise. And not just teachers in 3rd world countries but also teachers in public schools everywhere. They put up with serious shit from kids, like I was, and they get very little in return. In fact most die without recognition.

Personally, I want to get to the very top. I want to provide the best for myself and my family, the best food, homes, and most essentially education. The harsh reality of it all is that these things cost money. And lots of money too. I have read that all men are created equal. That may be true but I can tell you for a fact we sure weren’t born equal. You just need to look at a picture of a street in Mumbai to understand that. Some people are driven. They can push their way out of a hole and on to a cloud. They can continue to fight against all odds to achieve their dreams and desires. Some people may see them as narcissists but if that can push you to achieve then who gives a fuck? When you get to the top then you can do all the things you don’t have the power to do now. You can help so many charities; you can sponsor your best friends’ rock band, open a bar, save homeless kids, re-build New Orleans, and start any business you think might work. Anything is possible.

Every day is a battle to not give in and take the easy way out. Sometimes there are opportunities that present themselves where you could stand to make a shit load of money and all you have to do is bend your rules a little bit. Just a little bit. Do you do it? It’s easy to say no now, but what if you got five mouths to feed and a roof to put over their head? We are not talking about selling a nuclear bomb to terrorists here, just a little bit of something that is not as nutritious as we claim it is. So it does not have all the vitamins in it that we printed on the box. What is the big deal anyways right? So you do something that rips of a rich government in some corrupt 3rd world country. That money was going to pay for a Presidential Villa in Switzerland anyways. Well if you don’t do it then you might as well kiss your $10,000,000 (Ten Million Dollars) pay day good-bye, for now at least.


IndCoup said...

yeah - the other good thing about being rich is you get to taste the best pussy...

Avi said...

Have you see Don's newest wife? I dont think she is with him for his rugedly hansome looks.

ival said...

I dont know man... Its hard to say what one would do i guess. But if we think that we can bend the rules a little becos its only going to take a little away from someone else who is corrupt...then we are just like him. And someone else under us, is also prone to do the same thing we did. So, in the end we are only doing what everyone else is doing. And we lose sight of what is right and wrong. Not to mention that we end up creating a climate or a business environment that ultimately hurts business and perhaps stifles competition.

I think everythign is in a grey area man. Yeah maybe its cool to buy 150 thread count bedsheets and label them as 200 threadcount bedsheets and make a profit. But I dont know if its cool to sell vitamins or food and label it to be more nutrious than it really is.

You know what I mean. Even though its wrong to misrepresent something cos it amounts to lying...its still feels kind of ok to do some things cos we are not really hurting anyone, right? And sometimes, by hurting one person, we may be helping 100 others.

Its very hard to truely live in black and white man. It may even be impossible. I think there is too much grey in there that distracts us.

Avi said...

So many poeple are in that grey area in business but in thier social and personal lives they preach about being pure, virtuous, and religious. But those ethitcs dont seem to apply to them in business.

And as for the bedsheets. Thats how it starts. Before you know it you will be selling AK-47's to the Taliban!! Kiddin man. Settle down.