Monday, October 24, 2005


I have worked on a number of posts and I got some pretty cool pictures too but unfortunately I am having trouble uploading the stuff. So I guess it will have to wait. The weekend was good and I have most of my time catching up with old friends.

I hit a club called Aphrodisiac last night. It is located in the airport residential area. It is a house converted to a club and it is sort of an after hours joint. It usually kicks till 6am. We were there in a relatively large group last night. I was walking out of the club to see a few of my mates who were chillin outside. As I walked into the courtyard I heard the sound of gun shots.

Let me tell you that I have never seen so many people hit the ground so fast before. I was the last down and when I looked up there were 3 soldiers standing in front of us holding machine guns and ordering is to stay down. I have never been in a situation like this before and this is not something that happens a lot in Ghana, but when we were entering the club that night there was a little commotion that probably led to this.

But chale, it was a scene and a half. All the moves I picked up over the years watching old war movies came back to me. Come and see the Indian brother with his face pressed to the concrete. Then I do a squatting run over to the gazebo where my buddies were chilling. They had not yet hit the deck but then suddenly some soldiers came there to and ordered us into the building. Most people started booting and I almost dropped my Jack but I managed to save it and took cover behind a wall.

Looking out I could see Mr. Kumar standing in the middle of the parking lot like he was fucking bullet proof, just holding a kebab and eating. I heard more rapid gunfire and some screens, and the waiters were about to lock down the bar so I had to run out and get him. All this time the kebab seller is ducking down beside me and harassing me for payment. Only in Ghana I tell you.

So we spent choke time locked in the club, boozing and dancing. I went straight to the beach and only made it home around 1pm the next day. Loads of work to do this week so now back to serious mode. But dude, what a weekend. All because guys with small dicks need to buy guns.


AmitD said...

Too bad I was dreaming in bed when this shit happened. Always miss the good stuff with you guys man.

Shan said...

holy crap, what a scare. Good thing you held onto the Jack tho!

mogs said...

Yeah Amit why weren't you there gaddamit....then Amitman would have shone....showed those puppies wassup no?