Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I am slowly being reminded of the negative aspects of living in a small town. What mainly bothers me are the secrets. I have never been good at being secretive. In a small town such as Accra, most people have no choice other than to keep their private lives under serious wraps. There is so much “he says and she says” going on that my mind is boggled. I can understand it but I just totally suck at it so I tend to let a lot of shit slip. Basically because I like to live an open lifestyle.

I have just come to realize this week that I have never really been pulled into these “tug of wars” in all the years I lived here. It is actually possible to function within the social group here and avoid the back biting that goes with it. That is if you still care enough to hang out with these people, and I do.

My mates here in Accra are hilarious. And for every negative thing I can say about the life style or society here I can probably say 10 good things about my friends. I have been having a wonderful time here and in some ways I feel like I never left. So I guess what I am feeling, sitting here at 7am, is some sort of a sense of spiritual balance. Although I have neglected conventional philosophies for religion and spirituality over the last few years, I have in my own way managed to attain some sort of balance and integrity.

But who knows. As these things go I might find my self flat on my ass by the end of the day. I am gonna chill for an hour or 2 and watch India thrash Sri Lanka in cricket. India has already made 350-6 so even if Sri Lanka catches up it will be amazing to watch. They have gotten off to a pretty awesome start as well.

This here is a picture of my room mate Patty. She snores almost as loud as me and she has more attitude than a Russian Baroness.


Ty-eclectic said...

Your roomate is really Hot! Posing like that.

Is she "randy"?
Does she "go"?

Nudge-nudge-Wink-Wink-Say no more.

blizzardofoz said...


Avi said...

wait till you see the pictures of my Rotti Baccus.. He has grown HUGE!

harry said...

and the lil bugger dont even talk bout the lunch he had with his uncle.. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr avi.. gonna get you for this.. next time no steak for you.. gonna make you some ayam goreng thingy or some ayam bulugan thingy.. :-)