Monday, October 10, 2005

I came across the Church Sign Generator today. There are loads of pictures of church signs there. Here are a few that really cracked me up, or at least got me thinking a little.

Now imagine what a 4” tongue could do to a lady!!

I guess this church posted both these signs at some point. Placed next to each other it does sound a little like they are promoting too much ‘brotherly love”.
This one just kinda makes me smile. So there is still hope for me.

Are the Methodists not Christians? I don’t quite get it. Either way it does not sound very open minded to me.

Well, you cant argue with simple logic.

That’s one of my favorite words too. And things to do as well. We have so much in common.

Don’t you just love religion?

This is very a bold testament. I would hate to live or even stand anywhere NEAR that sign.

This one makes a whole lot of sense.

Hmmm. Who do we ask? Not thought through at all, that one.

What is this Christian obsession with tongues?

The lord knows what he is talkin about son!!! An if lovin the lord is wrong, I dont wanna be be RIGHT!


IndCoup said...


Avi - you are as sick as me!

By the way, check out my blog for something really hot. And I mean HOT!!!!!

Avi said...

Dude, I check it daily.

Exhomeless-Guy said... has 50 other similar type sign generators to use.