Monday, October 10, 2005

What You Like?

I have a site attached to this blog from which I can review where visitors to this site are coming from. So if they have come in from a search engine, I can actually tack back to the page and see what key words they typed in to pull up the blog. However I have no way of identifying the actual person. So all you rascals can un-worry. But as I have mentioned before, there are some serious freaks out there. You would not believe some of the things people type into search engines and what is even more scary is that my blog gets pulled out in the top 5 out of thousands of web sites. This must be very frustrating for the people doing the searching because I doubt they would have their freaky fetishes fulfilled over here.

I posted a write up a while ago that contained pictures of various old and cheesy R rated Indian films. In that post I had used the term SUHAG RAAT, which in Hindi literally means Honeymoon or more specifically, the first night the husband and wife spend together after marriage. Since then I have been getting at least 3 hits a week from people typing in those words and you can see here that Indo Dreamin’ is coming up in the top 30 out of 11,000 web sites!!! What exactly are these people looking for though? People who actually posted pictures of their honeymoon on a website or are they looking for tips on what to expect for the first time? I hope it is the latter.

Here are a few other key words that folks have typed in:

purush stree
what is suhag raat
pretty sexy jakarta women
silk smita
porno indo

There are quite a few other freaky words that have brought up my blog but by typing them out again I would only be leading my freaky friends in the wrong direction. I truly hope they can fulfill what ever fetish they have in mind. And might I add that there are some very strange fetishes I have heard about and even witnessed in my time. One that really makes me blur is a foot fetish. There are actually websites dedicated to this. I admit that feet can be quite sexy and even giving a girl a foot massage can be very sensual but what is so hot about this?

Another strange fetish is defecation. What could the pleasure in being pissed or crapped on? I understand that BDSM does satisfy some desires that have been created by the complex societies we live in. Whips, leather, handcuffs, and some spanking can be exciting. But some of these practices have become down right unhealthy. And something like this is not just obviously physically unhealthy but also mentally. You got to have some serious self esteem issues.

Since the internet has come to be we have access to a whole scope of information. I probably would not know half of the bizarre sexual crap I know now. In some ways that is pretty good and in others I guess it could be negative. But with all that said, to each his/her own. Just keep it safe.


IndCoup said...

hahaha! There are some weird fuckers out there.

According to The Times of London, the heaviest demand on the internet is now for “deviant material, including pedophilia, bondage and sadomasochism”.

And did you know Washington is one of the few places in the US where bestiality is legal!!!

Anonymous said...

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Shan said...

LOL! Dude, you've got some seriously dodgy visitors man.