Thursday, October 27, 2005

Jazz Tone

*written on October 22nd…

Nestled within the Airport residential area in Accra is a neglected bar called JAZZ TONE. It is small and hidden away but what they lack in presence, they make up for in atmosphere and music. They also have great weekly specials.

JAZZ NTONE is tucked in between large houses and may not be easy to find. I went there this afternoon after work to wind down for a few drinks. There were not too many people there but it was cozy and the music was good. The décor was not fancy at all but yet it was fresh. The sofa’s need to be softer though. The drums were a sweet touch.

The bar was well stocked and they kept the JD flowing. All in all it is nothing to rave about but it is a nice place to cut the afternoon. The bar man Desmond is a champ and now as soon as I walk in he lines me up with a JD coke in a tall glass with lots of ice. CHALE, I don’t waste time oh!!!

So as I write this I have just got home and it is 7am. Let’s hope this uploads. I apologize for the quality of my posts but I am lazy… For the time being, I hope you can enjoy a bit of Ghana.

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AmitD said...

U just got home?? Goddam brah....