Friday, October 28, 2005


In laymen terms that means I beat the fuck out of Amit in pool last night. But in all fairness he had a few good games. Most of my days are still spent busy working but I make sure that by 5 pm I am at a good chill out spot. I must be sleeping only five hours a day since I have been here but I am making the most of time.

If all goes well we should be spending the weekend up at Cape Coast. I am looking forward to getting out to the beach. Also today is my last day of work pretty much so I can totally devote my self to doing absolutely nothing but getting pissed for the next few days.

Here are some pictures I took at the Legon University in Accra. It is truly one of the most serene places I have been. As kids our families would take us there for evening picnic/chai (tea) sessions. Being there brought back some very fond memories.

Legon University is located on top of a hill and a HUGE area around it as well. There are many gardens and fields that I have not explored yet. The architecture is extremely unique. The building must have been built back in the 60’s but it makes such a good use of space and form.

Most of my pictures are taken around the central tower but driving around the campus you can notice how the ponds, courtyards, gardens, and buildings all blend in with the landscape and atmosphere rather than come out of it. I truly love this place. Not to mention all the hot chicks that were walking around throwing me smiles.


AmitD said...

What can I say? Last night was an off night for me. You will see my magic before you leave my friend. I garonnnnteeeeeee!!

mogs said...

Dude, our family legon trips seem eons life has changed. That was our world then....when we had more free time, woke up to Saturday cold coffees, and had mega slumber parties.....chale....we are lucky man.

Avi said...

cold coffe and butter toast. damn. those were the days.