Friday, October 07, 2005

Unlocking the Doors

Most people have a very negative view on recreational drugs and their effects. Personally, I have experimented in pretty much anything I could get my hands on as I grew up. Most of the stuff I have tried is extremely destructive and only serve as an escape from reality. Nothing seemed to enhance experiences except weed and ecstasy. And even then the E seemed to really just put a glossy lovey-dovey layer over everything that was happening around me. Out of all the shit I put into my body I can not say that there was not one thing I did not enjoy. But the only thing that I truly benefited from was LSD.

Acid does not give one that jovial drunken feeling but rather draws you into the depths of your own thoughts and deep into your own body. Basically, it alters perception. For the 6 month period that experimented with the drug I saw the world in a completely different way. Looking back now, I probably had a better grasp on reality back then than I do now. There was that felling of belonging and understanding that so many people strive to achieve nowadays. One could argue that it is the introduction of a chemical into the system that creates that false sense of security but I believe LSD only brings to the surface what already exists below. It can not be compared to the blanket that drugs such as opium or heroin provides.

In a spiritual sense I like to compare it to meditation and enlightenment. Where some people meditate daily to unlock the doors of their subconscious, slowly, one by one, LSD throws the doors open letting all the buried thoughts rush out at once. It is kind of like the magic key giving one a glimpse into the TRUTH that exists and only remains to be understood. We are all aware that LSD can also have some very negative effects on the mind sometimes referred to as ‘bad trips’. I guess the human mind is sometimes just not ready to handle the TRUTH. I have had my fair share of shocks.

In my life right now I am so immersed in this so called reality that my revelations only remain memories in a clouded mind. However I know who and what I would be in my ideal world once the time comes. Over drinks with old friends I enjoy to relive these moments when everything made sense and I was at peace with my surroundings. Maybe one day I will once again be able to turn the key and unravel the madness that fills my brain and soul everyday. Or maybe I could give a fuck enough to take the slow road and work my way back to where I once was. Not to say that I am unhappy now but it is sort of like having seen what could be, what really exists, and moving away from it rather than towards it.

These are a series of pictures by an artist on LSD. He is sketching pictures of the man who administered him the drug. Complete details are available on this website. These are 9 pictures he drew over an 8 hour period while he was under the influence of LSD, in succession from the first hour to the last. I find the results very interesting to say the least. Check out the peak period in the middle. And by the end you can see how passive he is.

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