Friday, October 07, 2005

Aloha Friday

The ideal thing to do today would be to drive out to the beach with a cooler full of chilled beer, some sweet music, and a ball. But that aint gonna happen. Well not for me at least. With that in mind, here are a few things that are worth mentioning right now.

The guys at Extreme Business released the product they would be marketing. I can not say I am too impressed. It is one of those bats that kill mosquitoes and flies. I am sure Rishi will remember these well. We had a bunch of them living in Ghana. My older brothers would torture me by electrocuting me with the damn thing. Don’t you just love siblings? I guess the only reason I am not so impressed is because it is such a common item but maybe that’s what they need. Also these bats are so fucking cheap out here. If they manage to sell enough I can ship them a whole container straight out of China! None the less I am excited to see how they sell the product and I wish them the best of luck.

There are so many websites and blog’s out there now that is pretty hard to find something you like and want to keep going back to. So someone came over here from a very cool site that features Beautiful Indian Women. Now this is not some sick-o porn site. It has actually got very stylish pictures of Indian models and actresses as well as your everyday cute Indian girls having a good time. Now who does not like looking at hot women? This site has “SO” been added to my favorites.

They got original images of well known acctesses and models.

As well as candid pictures of cute Indian girls just hanging out.

But as for this one. Inny, Surri.... I am in loowweee yaar. If any one knows this chick. Hook a brother up. And by the way, I saw her first.

Happy fuck faces yall, and have a good weekend.


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seseks said...

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blizzardofoz said...

Avi, you need to turn on Word Verification man...this spam stuff is kinda

AmitD said...

Damn...what a nice shot that is.

blizzardofoz said...

that last one is fckin hot. what a pair..jesus.

Avi said...

I miss India... Home sick yaar. Ro, how about taking your photography more sriously. And get some live subjects.