Friday, November 25, 2005


It has been a long ass week and I am looking forward to heading home by 4pm and watching the 4th ODI Cricket match between India and South Africa. This series has not been as eventful as the last one against Sri Lanka, where India won 6 games out of 7, but I am hoping things will turn today. SA won the first game and India the second. The third game was rained off and called a draw on Wednesday. This puts them neck and neck right now. The shining star of the team at present (in my opinion) is Mahendra Singh Dhoni. This guy is a fucking hero. Only 24 years old and he is already making a name in the sport. You can check out his stats here. All sports need some players like this who are fun to watch because they simply kick ass.

I should also add that cricket is the most fun sport to watch. With soccer games, just as you are getting tipsy and enjoying your drink, the game has already reached its climax and is soon over. Cricket on the other hand is slow and drawn out for the more seasoned viewers. You have to pace yourself, ordering drinks but snacking just enough in between so as not to be too full or tire yourself. It’s an art I tell you, just knowing when the right time to switch from beer to vodka is. By the end of the game the adrenaline just about brings you to a coherent level. Women should be aware that guys who watch cricket are more patient and over all better lovers.

And speaking of better lovers, Ghanaians are generally very proud and conscious of there sexual performance (as most men are). Passing a signboard on the road, I had to ask my buddy Amit to take a picture.

Champion Condoms, Wo Ye Metcho!!! From what I gather the punch line implies that the condoms are for macho men. As for the logo or picture, I can’t figure out what the hell it is, but the big yellow blob splat does not assure me that these condoms are all that safe. Now having used condoms in Ghana, I can only say that it was an extremely uncomfortable experience. The latex was as thick as cardboard man!!! You could not cum if you were fucking sandpaper.

Durex, Trojan, and other leading Western brands strive to maintain sensitivity; the condoms in Ghana seem to have no concern for that at all. Trojan implies in their ad that their condom skin is as thin as a bubble, but I might as well have wrapped my dick in bubble paper before having sex. I should add though, it was nice to finally put on a condom that was not too small for me…. Let me clear my throat!


AmitD said...

Cannot take credit for the pitcha dawg... now you gonna give me credit for em all eh?? haha
I can agree with you about the condoms though...

Avi said...

Did any of you watch that match?! What a fukin disapointment.

And as you can see, not a single person has disputed my claim so therefore it must be accepted as the ABSOLUTE TRUTH...