Thursday, November 24, 2005

Word Play

With so many websites springing up, this was bound to happen. These are some website URL’s that have been ‘lost in translation’. I guess when you are standing so close to something you can’t spot the obvious. But really, what the fuck were these people thinking??!! It makes me BLUR lah.

This is actually Who Represents. You can type in a name of an artist on their site and find out who their management is. I thought it was a site to buy gifts for my whore, or where other whores might be presenting something. No such luck.

And for those of you in need of a sex change, you have found the experts. Your one stop to chop it off. No, it’s the Experts Exchange. For your best resources on the net. Freaky.

Who the fuck needs to go to Disney land when we got Penis Land!!! I know where I am taking my kids next summer. Have they got big buildings shaped like cocks? This in fact is Pen Island. The specialize in custom made pens. But I wonder how they could not have noticed the flaw in their URL when they have written, “Don't be fooled by those imposters at, or, we're the real deal!” on their homepage. Its mind boggling.

Finally a search engine we can really use. I am so tiers of ‘Friend Finder’ and ‘Adult Friend Finder’. I just wanna find the bitch who raped me. This is The Rapist Finder. Now we can track down all those fuckers and lock em up for good! Actually, this is a Therapist Finder, which coincidently is something I could also use. I’m gonna go ahead and bookmark it.

This should be MY home page URL, Power Genitalia. In actual fact it is the web site for some Italian power company.

The Molestation Nursery must be some resort for sick pedophiles. But honestly, naming a kids school Mole Station Nursery is humor in really bad taste. How could they not have noticed what they were up to? It’s a sick world I tell you.


surri said... that was fukin funny cuzin still laughing...where do u get this shit from man

AmitD said...

chale avi you find the wildest shit man....