Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tuff Gong Reggae Shop

Rita Marley, the wife of the late Robert Nesta Marley, recently moved to Ghana where she has built a small home in the hill tops of Aburi. She has also set up a recording studio where she works with international reggae artists and she has put up a small shop selling reggae memorabilia.

The Tuff Gong Reggae Shop is located just outside Accra, near the foothill of Aburi, in the Medina sub-district. It is not difficult to find as there is only one straight road going through the area and the shop is located right behind the gas station at the end of the road. It was a colorful little place with music playing around the outside as well. Right next door they have set up a small Rastafarian restaurant, which serves all vegetarian food.

The merchandise inside seems like excess or reject stocks manufactured for the western markets. I say this only because I noticed some slightly damaged t-shirts in the lot. They also had a variety of CD and cassettes. I did not realize that Rita Marley had recorded her own albums and that too so many. I was not tempted to buy one though.

Even the potted plants around the shop were painted the customary red, gold, and green. The atmosphere around the shop was pleasant, only I wish it was not so far out of the city. I was actually supposed to have a meeting with Rita Marley there that afternoon but I missed her by 30 minutes because I was held up in traffic. This would have been a much more interesting post had I actually met her. But I have met her before and I did speak to her on the phone this time. Who knows, maybe on the next trip to Ghana I will be able to burn an original track in her studio.

And I believe here too I must give Amit credit for the pictures. We’re not worthy!!!


AmitD said...

hehe I didn't take those dude.. that masterpiece is all you.

Anonymous said...

ho. tenks 4 remembering that i was there. that was all me... i must admit... the potted plants was a good one.

Avi said...

Preeti?? Ah ha. yes it was you. Nice to see you found your way here.