Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Jerry’s BBQ & Grill

I was in Singapore last week, and I once again hit Jerry’s, this time armed with my camera. As I have mentioned before, Jerry’s is located on club street, along side numerous bars, but Jerry’s is the only place I have seen open for lunch and actually attracting a crowd. Well a small one at least. The street it self is only about 200 or 300 meters long and it goes over a small hill. The surrounding areas also have a few boutiques and bars which are interesting to peruse. The buildings are all colonial and protected so they provide a bit of an old school vibe.

The exterior of the restaurant is fairly simple and the use of cool colors does create the desired effect on a warm afternoon. You can not smoke in the restaurant but there are about 5 tables on the front porch for the nicotine freaks like me.

The interior is decked out with wild memorabilia, from old US car number plates to an assortment of brand embellishing coasters. Numerous photographs of pre-developed Singapore also adorn the walls. As you can see, they also have a well stocked bar that serves chilled Boddingtons and Kilkenny’s amongst a variety of other beers and cocktails.

My buddy and I were both hurting from the night before so we kicked it off with a half dozen spicy chicken wings served with blue cheese sauce. The half dozen turned out to be more like a whole dozen when they served up separate wings and thighs. I so did not see that coming.

You can’t go wrong with the locally grown oysters that cost only $12 for a half dozen served on a bed of ice. A healthy dose of lime and a few drops of Tabasco are all they need before sliding down your throat. Oysters are a great cure for a hangover but they might leave you feeling a bit randy.

I hit a big ass sirloin steak for the main. I have never really liked tenderloin. I savor the strip of fat merging with the meat on the edge of a sirloin rather that a plain old slab of tender flesh with no fat at all. You gotta have something to bite in to!!!

Mr. Boston (as we shall call my mate) totally ravaged the wings on his own and then went on to devour this rack of ribs. He comforted him self by stating ever and over again that it was a half slab. Okay buddy, whatever you say. But I must say, the man has one hell of a healthy appetite.

Having discovered this area has altered my perception of Singapore. I generally despise walking on Orchard road or even frequenting my old haunts in Holland Village. However in China Town I have found some sort of refuge for when I have to visit the dreaded city and to be honest I am actually beginning to enjoy it. I know that I am committed to traveling there at least 5 more times this year so I better learn to love it. As for the people, I yet have to understand their sense of humor. It must be the decades of oppressed governing that has rendered these poor citizens with a totally dry wit and in many cases an inability to recognize a simple joke. But that is a whole other story.

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