Monday, January 23, 2006

The Scarlet - Revisited

Last month I posted a blog about The Scarlet, which is a boutique hotel I stayed in while I was visiting Singapore. I was blown away by the décor and design of the hotel but unfortunately I did not have my camera with me. I have also written recently about how much I dig the area in which the hotel is located (China Town) and about the restaurants and bars on Club Street. Well, this time I got some pictures and in my opinion, they are worth a post.

The frontage and main entrance for the lobby is only the size of a shop house. However it has been stylishly decorated for the up coming Chinese New Year. The buildings in this area are protected so they could only really meddle with the colors and not the architecture. But this really adds to the general atmosphere.

Although the frontage looks small, the hotel actually owns all the shop houses rolling down the street. The ground floors facing the street are all unique shops and behind and above the shops are the hotel rooms. Some times it is a stroll and half getting to your room. It’s like walking all the way down the street!!

The floor of the entrance is adourned with this eye catching mosaic design.

As you enter, you are flanked on both sides by these sparkling water features. They are bright gold with chandeliers hanging over them. They fit into the gothic theme of the hotel.

The door man greets you at the lobby, wearing this awesome red and black suit. He is a very knowledgeable and helpful guy who will point you in the direction of the most happening bars and popular restaurants in the area.

The left side of the lobby opens into the bar, which is referred to as SODA. The gothic theme stays intact and you can see for yourselves just how much attention has been paid to the details.

The seating arrangements are esthetic as well as comfortable. Some light techno/Buddha bar music plays on the small but powerful BOSE speakers that are tucked into the ceiling.

The seating arrangements in the bar area are all unique and in the evenings they do attract some interesting “artsy fartsy’ individuals. The plush velvet walls combined with subtle earth tones create a very warm and cozy vibe.

The reception itself is quite gaudy, with thick velvet curtains on each side and those large gold lamps on the smooth counter top. The women working there are also extremely good looking and friendly. Their outfits are equally fitting for the atmosphere.

It is mind blowing how much attention has been placed into the design of this hotel. The door of every room is fitted with these nifty newspaper bags. I need to get me one of those. I don’t know why, but I just want one.

Every bathroom in every room comes with their home branded FLAIR cosmetic solution kit. These color co-coordinated bottles contain moisturizer, conditioner, shampoo, shower gel, and some other stuff. All very useful though.

The shower stall is not the largest I have enjoyed but the pressure is good and the water hot. What more do you need before heading out to work in the morning, or in my case, to a club at night.

However these old school taps always cause me burns. They should actually be outlawed. It takes me forever to find just the right temperature. This is the only design flaw I spotted where I feel they chose form over function. And why in such an essential place?!

The throne is comfortable and can fit some sizable asses. The lamps in here also conform to the gothic theme. They provide ample towels too, only there is no phone by the seat. So I can’t conduct my biz, while I am conducting my biz… Catch my drift?

The room I got this time around was pretty cool. It actually had a real window, but it was in the roof. It gave the room a loft effect which I really liked.

The room came with all the standard hookups, including the DVD player. It was not huge but what else do you expect for US$60 a night!! The room is also very clean and extremely comfortable.

The large staning mirrow that id right next the bed is not completely ideal for checking yourself out before heading out. This is due to the size of the room. But the fact that it is so close to the bed makes it useful as well...

Over all, The Scarlet rocks and I would not think twice about staying there if it suits your budget. There is loads to do in the area and it is a good break from the monotony and commercial influx of Orchard Road.


AmitD said...

damn dude... that hotel looks sweet as hell.... good stuff.

suraj.melwani said...

yo can u get me that rate or what?


Avi said...

amit - when you gettin your ass down here? when im 50?

surri - dont think they will do it for chinese new years but otherwise gimme a call and we sort out.