Friday, February 24, 2006

3 Tricks - Solved

No one even wondered about the solution to the 3 Bar Tricks? Were they that easy or does no one give a shit. Well, fortunately I am an extremely fickle human being. I am one of those people who ‘well if you don’t care to listen then I wont tell you’. And then 5 minutes later I still tell them. I particularly like the last one because it is an awesome ice breaker.

For this one, you place out 10 matches like the picture below, creating 4 equal sized squares. You then give your companion the option to move and place (not remove) ONLY 3 sticks to a different spot creating a formation of only 3 equal sized squares. And just so you know, the new squares will be the same size as the present squares so no overlapping the sticks.

Solution: I made an awesome diagram below with my outdated MS PAINT program just to show you how easy it is. I do not have any other photo style programs so my prehistoric graphics must suffice. Did anyone solve this? I didn’t think so.

Here we have 27 matches placed in a pattern of 3x3. If you add the total number of sticks in each row you will get a grand total of 9 sticks. That is horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. You must alter the number of sticks in each spot and recreate the pattern staying with the 3x3 format and still retain the sum of 9 sticks per row. Get it? This one is pretty easy to figure out.

Solution: I found this one pretty easy. Total of nine was derived with the sum of 3+3+3, so I just thought of an alternate equation, 5+3+1, and fumbled around with the placement for a few minutes till it all lined up. I am sure Ro got this one pretty fast.

Lastly, and this is my favorite, we have the Man Hole. You need to lay out your matches as per the pattern below. The 2 squares represent 2 manholes. You know the holes on the street that lead into the sewer. The 3 sticks laid out after that represent 3 speed bumps, or what we refer to here in Indonesia as ‘Polisi Tidur’ (sleeping police). 2 manholes and 3 speed bumps. Now you have to move (not remove) only 2 sticks to change this pattern in to ONE Man Hole. The bar tender in India who showed me this trick gave me one hint, “Sir, this is a non-veg one”. Basically that means it is a bit dirty.

Solution: Unlike the other tricks, this one is not based on logic. In fact it is the perfect trick to play after you have done the other 2 because your conquest will be too busy thinking of a logical answer to solve this. When you finally reveal the illusive ‘Man Hole’, you are bound to lighten up the mood around you and ease into some sultry conversation.

And in case you don’t get it, the ‘Man Hole’ is a CUNT. That is another word for pussy or vagina. Get it? Well you better make sure the person you are playing this trick on knows what a cunt is because there is nothing more embarrassing than having a group of people look up at you after you perform this trick with a lost look in their eyes. And then you have to explain to some young innocent Indonesian woman what a cunt is only ½ an hour after you met her. No, this never happened to me!!!


AmitD said...

Good one dawg... I must admit I did not take the time to even try to figure them out. Can't even dream well nowadays...

Anonymous said...

3 2 4
4 3 2
2 4 3