Monday, February 27, 2006

Just For Kicks

Seeing as it is Monday I am assuming that I am not the only one in the mood to goof off. I am still keeping my drinking in check and therefore I can’t scurry off to the nearest bar and get shit faced so I have found a few ways to pass time online again.

Spank The Booty
You soooo can not go wrong with this game. Not only is it entertaining and challenging, but it also a great motivator. It must be some subconscious connection. Spank away and watch that ass jiggle. Smalls, I know are lovin this. EDEM!!!

Tennis Challenge
This one is fun too. You got to keep tagging this tennis ball to keep it up in the air. I took a look at the high scores and I must say that there are some seriously obsessive people out there.

Goal Poker
This is great! Score penalties and the female fan you select will remove articles of clothing. The down side is every time you miss she puts them back on. Great for people who love football and naked women. However, a fast internet connection is required if you want to ‘enjoy the show’.

This game takes a bit of time to download and also some time to play as it requires some thinking. And I know Shan will love it because you get to control a covert ops team of polar bears. The commentary is really funny. I can’t directly link to the game so follow the link above and look for the game. I have gotten as far as freeing 4 hostages, so if you get stuck just holla.

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