Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Blowing Time...

When you’re bored and you know it, play a game. These bad boys upload pretty fast and you can tuck them away if the boss shows up too.

This is a pretty good pass time. The game is not long at all and it is pretty addictive to try beating your own score. But somtiomes the bastard peguin will not jump!!! I think this was my highest score or I might have gotten up to the 11 range.

Harry the Hamster
This one is a bit more time consuming. You have to navigate this hamster through a labernyth of tunnels looking for some pieces and there are obstacles along the way. I kept getting lost and having to back track to pick up tools I left behind. It can be a bit tedious and confusing but some people like that.

Who Stole My Medicine
This is another one that tests your mouse speed and reaction. I keep forgetting what I am looking for and end up loosing. If you do forget your target, a reminder is located on the top right hand corner. It took me a while to find that. I am a bit slow. What can I say?

Deer Hunter
Great way to burn off steam by taking out virtual deer. I only wish the game was bloodier.

Gold Miner
This one kept me busy for a good hour. I actually want to buy the full game. It was pretty fun and as you go along there are numerous variations to the tools you can use and buy. Also there is the added incentive to get the old gold mining bastard to Las Vegas.

Angry Santa
For those of us who hate reindeer. I really have it in for them today. This is pretty fun and you can take out the elves on perpous if you want to. Happy hunting and don’t work to hard. For gods sake, DON’T WORK TOO HARD!!!

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you just made my day champ...