Monday, February 06, 2006

No Smoking???

You have got to be fucking kidding me. Jakarta plans to ban smoking in public places and blah, blah, blah. It’s like all the bull shit rules they have come up with in the US and in other Western nations. Why do they have to bring all this politically correct nonsense here? I live in a mediocre 3rd world country so I can drive home tipsy at 4am from a kinky night club filled with horny Asian chicks, holding a cigarette in one hand and a glass of Jack and coke in the other, with a wrap of ganja in my pocket, knowing full well that even if some insolent cop should pull me over, he will simply wish me well and send me on my way once I grease his palm with a Rp.50,000 note.

Now they are gonna fine me 50 million Rupiah or send me to prison for 6 months if I spark up a Marlboro in some restaurant? Nonsense! A rule like that will never make it out here. Indonesians love to smoke. Kretek cigarettes are part of the local culture. Where else can you go up to a shop on the side of the road and buy a single stick for 10 cents. It is cheap and it fills your appetite so you can keep working. By raising the price of smokes they will only be making the poor man suffer and they might hope to dissuade some young smokers, but I doubt it.

But all sensible cancer related arguments aside, isn’t it enough that we have sectioned restaurants and restricted area in the airports? How can we enjoy a toke walking down the street or in a fucking night club for god sakes? What is this world coming to? It’s all a scam to make the tobacco producers more money I tell you. It should be up to the proprietor of a restaurant to decide if he wants to allow smoking or not and then the patrons can make an educated to choice to eat there or fuck off.

And why start the drama with the smokers? Just take a look at the black smoke pouring out of the cities public transport vehicles. The pollution caused by the total amount of cigarettes I smoke in my life time can not compare to the contamination cased by that Metro Mini in a single day. I can understand why non-smokers might celebrate action like this but honestly dude, you are probably going to die in a terrorist attack or nuclear annihilation before the cancer you contracted from passive smoking gets you. So pull the stick out of your ass.

These words might bite me in the ass if I contract throat cancer and have to tell my stories sounding like Darth Vader, but it’s all a conscious choice man. I would rather choose to kill myself slowly then have the government decide what is good for me and what isn’t. This is why I CHOOSE not to live in the US. I seriously doubt anyone will take this law seriously here, but if they do, I will do my best to stay out of jail and hold on to my hard earned cash. I am too much of a chicken shit to attempt revolution, especially over a smoking ban.


IndCoup said...

Hahah! You do sound pissed off Avi.

But there is a silver lining…

If you lay off the fags you should get better erections to please the lovely girls you can meet in places like Blok M!!!


Shan said...

I concur dude - damn these non-smoking, fresh air loving softies.
Hehe. Only joking.

But seriously, we're running out of places to enjoy a nice smoke.


AmitD said...

I don't smoke but i agree with you on this one dawg. Fight the power!!!

Avi said...

I read in the paper that the law will not be put into effect until 2 months from now. so it is only warnings till then.

kubolo bway said...

dude, i dont see yr point??

yodee said...

well, get a damn dictionary, Kubolo!! then you'll see his point!