Friday, March 17, 2006

I Moved

The reason I have not been able to post for the last 2 days is because I was busy moving office. The new place is not so much bigger than the old one but I like the location more. Plus it is closer to where I live so I have no hassles with the Jakarta traffic at all. My office faces the rising sun so according to Feng Shui that should bring me some good luck though on hot day my office does heat up a bit.

We had our weekly pool competition on Wednesday. We lost again 4-8 against the Cross Roads Itchy Crabs. We played quite well but it all fairness they were a pretty good team. They are currently in 1st place with 40 points and we are in 5th (second last) with 27 points. The people in 3rd and 4th both have 30 points so if we buckle down we might yet be able to qualify for the next round. We have about 4 more games to go. You can check the actual scores here. Fezilicious is in Conference 3.

We played our game at Cross Roads which is located in Darmawangsa Square. It is a small place but it is cozy and well furnished. They have 2 pool tables, one on the main level and the other in the basement. The basement was closed for renovations but both tables were in very good condition. The menu was also interesting. They have a decent variety of pub grub and also offer about 3-4 different curries that are served with rice. The helpings are respectable and the prices are fair as well. I really should start taking my camera with me when I hit these new joints.

Mr. Lionel Ritchie is having a concert here tonight and although I am not going, my sister is so she should get me some decent pictures. I actually like Lionel but the tickets were about $200 a pop. I don’t like him that much. I am heading out for a barbeque for all the Fez pool team members tonight. It will be a total piss up for sure.

So now that I am back online I need to catch up with some work and read the regular blog’s I have missed out on. Have a good weekend.


AmitD said...

Welcome back

ash said...

blasphemy! you dont like lionel that much???!!!

Avi said...

not $200 much...actully $400 much... how was it?