Monday, March 20, 2006

Home Grown

Mondays are usually a quite day at work. So now that I have an excuse, here is a new game for you. It another football game but rather than just taking penalty shots, you have to cross the ball in from the corner to your striker who has to get in place and score a goal. There are a variety of shots you can make depending on where you place the striker. Its fun.

I read some pretty funny news today on The Smoking Gun. The Beyond Bomb Company in the US has been busted for producing ganja based products. They have actually manufactured a variety of products under brand names similar to existing brands. They have mimicked brands like Crunch, Reese’s Pieces, Milky Way, and Butterfinger, renaming them Tri-Chrome Crunch, Rasta Reese’s, Munchy Way, and Buddahfinger. You have to admit that those are some pretty catchy names.

In addition they also seem to have another company called the Jones’N Soda Pot Company that produces replicas of Pepsi and Coca-Cola, renamed Puffsi and Toka-Cola. The drinks are said to contain concentrated hash oil and the chocolates are rich in hash oil too. Basically the active ingredient in all these products is THC. The alleged mastermind behind this operation has been identified as one Kenneth Affolter, 39, who was apprehended with 11 others at his facility in Oakland.

So I am guessing that these guys are not only going to be busted for selling drugs but also copyright infringement. But if weed was legal, these guys would probably have top notch jobs in marketing and product development at the same companies that are going to hang them out. However, I think that they should register these brand names just incase bud does get legalized. I think it would be awesome if I could walk onto a 7-11 and see these products sold right along side my favorite beer or bourbon. After all, it is not as bad for you as alcohol is.

There are tons of arguments concerning the pros and cons of whether marijuana should be legalized or not. Obviously I am pro legalization but that is not just because I favor the occasional toke. It is just that I am pro choice and I believe people should have the right to make their own choices. There is no reason why cigarettes should be sold openly and not MJ.

I caught glimpses of a show on BBC last night that was addressing the issue but I could not focus on it because I was watching Leno. It is good to see that discussion is still up in the air but I doubt whichever way it falls it would have an impact on life, unless maybe I could start exporting some Aceh homegrown. I just think these products are pretty funny and it is even more hilarious imaging how 12 stoned people actually thought they could pull this off.

If you want to cook some up at home for yourself, all you really need to do is put a stick of butter in a pan and melt it up with a batch of your favorite funny tobacco. When it’s a nice golden color and the leaves seem cooked, you just strain it out so have just the butter and you can stick it back in the fridge. This process just extracts the THC. Use the butter to cook whatever you want, be it brownies, cake, chocolate, or just spread it on some toast in the morning. Happy hunting.


treespotter said...

brownies are best. you know in aceh you can get dodol - similar to the dark durian flavored gooey cake you get here, but with ganja instead of Durian? they're mighty fantastic, much better than almost anything else you get around here.

AmitD said...

I have yet to eat a space cake. The fellas keep promising to hook me up but so far....nada.

Shan said...

God I miss space food...*whinge simper*

Avi said...

tree - you mentioned dave mckean before, what about him? did you read any of Gaimans recent posts on his blog? he mentioned somthing about mckean dvd releases and short films.

shan and amit - lets all just link up in amsterdamn. or better yet we get treespotter to hook us up with the dodol.. but NO durian for me please.

treespotter said...

no, the aceh stuff don't have durian in it, the texture is similar to normal dodol except without the smell. I will let you know soon as i get my next package, it don't come very often though. Amsterdam's good. August?

Dave McKean, i don't know much, really, but someone bought me a tarot set that he does and i like his style. Who's Gaiman?

and, yeah... i just stole a pic from PostSecret, too..

killuminati said...

whoa...damn, i would give ANYTHING to have a complete collection of their product lines. with real THC to boot!

amazing that they got away with it for so long. great packaging too.

man...i wish i had gotten some of that before they got shut down.

treespotter said...

yes, btw, do you have any of this stuff?? just curious...

Avi said...

Tree- Gaiman is the dude who wrote mirror mask and sandman. you really should check him out. the link to his blog is on my mirror mask post. McKeans artwork in the movie is awesome. And I WISH i had some of this stuff!!!

Killuminati - Dude, it would be so awesome if you could review these products on your blog. Im jones'n for some pot soda myself right now! I wonder what it tasted like. I am gonna see if any of my friends in Cali can get a hold of some of this stuff.