Thursday, March 09, 2006

JPL - Week 4

We played our fourth game of the pool competition last night and….. WE WON! Our first win since this year’s competition has started. We have had a string of string of losses and we are sitting second last in our conference but we actually managed to beat the Everest Yaks last night who are sadly at the bottom of the conference already. None the less it was a spectacular game that we took at 7-5. As for the ladies, they sadly lost all four games.

So as you know, we have 6 sets of 2 games each for the guys. The boys were all in excellent form but once again the forces were pitted against us. As well as they played, they were only able to win on of the 2 games. None of the losses can be attributed to lack of talent or effort; it was just really shitty luck.

Down to the sixth game we were at 5 points each. Everyone was pretty sure this would be a tied game. VJ had opted to play last which really sucks because this is where the pressure is built up to where it’s about to blow. I crack at moments like these. VJ and I had gotten to the bar early. Very early. We must have polished off at least one bottle of vodka together before the rest of the crew showed up. He was looking shaky as he assembled his cue and staggered to the table. His games were long, tense, and hard but he pulled through with 2 straight wins that set the bar on fire. It was like Mardi gras in there. Without the beads, naked women, gay parades, and plastic cups. It was awesome.

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