Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Salvo Futsal (Indoor Soccer) – Sunter Podomoro

After a typical Friday night most of us are so overflowing with booze and smoke that dealing with a hangover on Saturday morning is inevitable. There are numerous websites dedicated to providing you with the ultimate cure for a hangover and more recently they have even developed pills that you can take while you are drinking to avoid the treacherous morning after. Scientists have probably spent more time developing cures for the common hangover than cures for cancer, HIV, or male pattern baldness. The latter happens to be a very serious problem!

For more than 10 years at least, my most effective remedy for a hangover has been to continue drinking. I love drinking on Saturday and Sunday morning, carrying on into the pub come afternoon, and right through till night time in the club. It really was not as sorry as it sounds but actually a whole lot more fun than you would expect. But this year I decided to take a fresh approach to life and try to limit the booze ingestion. By no means do I intend to sever the firewater from my existence but rather only curb and monitor its influence in my life. Reality bites.

So with weekend daytime booze sessions out the window I have been forced to seek alternate remedies for my hangover and personal entertainment. I am not much of a pill popper (anymore) and taking pills to neutralize a high would be absolutely contrary to my nature. Consuming milk, Adem Sari, Susu Soda, and fried bread in the morning are only a few futile attempts I have made to combat the dreaded hangover. Recently however I have found the fool proof cure from the most unlikely source, sports.

I have never really been much of a sportsman but over the last month I have been playing indoor cricket and soccer at SALVO FUTSAL located in the Podomoro Sports Club directly opposite the Sunter Lake. They have about 8 courts housed within what used to be an indoor tennis stadium. This provides for good lighting and ventilation.

The courts are lined up side by side and separated from each other by a tight net. The net also blocks the top of the court off to prevent stray balls disturbing the other patrons.

Salvo Futsal is open every day, even holidays. They charge only Rp.325000 per hour which is actually quite reasonable when you split it up amongst all the players. They also have spare balls, which are smaller than normal soccer balls, and other accessories one might need to play indoor football.

The drinks bar is very well stocked with snacks and cold drinks. The prices are reasonable as well and not designed to rip off a thirsty athlete. There is no beer or hard liquor available. Had this same operation been running in Accra there would have to be a fully running bar adjacent to it.

The management is always present and they are very friendly. Before playing football we usually like to play an hour or 2 of cricket. We actually have a couple of bats, the stumps, and recently acquired a red cock ball. The cock ball is really hard and could easily knock us into last week if I pull my special Dhoni Sixer Swing, so we opt to use a rubber ball. The game is still great fun and an excellent warm up for a football match.

Sweating it out on a Saturday evening is an awesome way to prep for a night out or at home watching movies. The toxins work their way right out of their system leaving me fresh and fit as a fiddle. Also after a solid work out you tend to appreciate the drinks a bit more. Those of you who have known me over the years are aware how strange this is for me to actually NOT spend Saturday afternoon in a bar. I guess with time some changes do take place but I still know how to throw down when I need to. YOU KNOW!

I am not sure if the Salvo website is working so if you would like to contact them their number is 021-70111110 or you can just send them email. And Amit, I think this concept would kick ass in Accra. Look into it. If anyone would like to play cricket as well, let me know.


AmitD said...

Hell yeah it would kick ass man. I'm sure lots of people here would love to play in a nice enclosed place in the afternoon without having to worry about the heat or the dirt. Maybe when I become a millionaire I can do this on the side!! Glad to see you running after a ball for a change instead of a bottle and a phat ass!!! hehe

mogs said...

The indoor footy looks fun man....lucky bastard!!!!

Avi said...

dude, it does not cost much to set somthing like this up. Wanna do it?

AmitD said...

Shit dawg... lots of things I would love to do. Just need to get some moolah first. Hey you got my mail I hope.