Tuesday, March 21, 2006


The first blog I check out everyday when I am surfing is The Dream Blog. It was started by my childhood buddy and college room mate Amit. He started blogging his dreams back in June 2005 and man were they spun out. They contained more action than a James Bond flick and stranger characters than a Quentin Tarantino film. Loads of people would come in and comment leaving their interpretations of what his reverie signified and it was a good way to kick off in the morning.

Eventually he added a couple of very interesting folks as contributors and his blog became a hub to analyze these mysterious nocturnal visions. Dreams are so strange and it was interesting to be able to share and dissect them. A good dream can leave me feeling positive for a whole day just as a disturbing one can depress me. I can’t describe the elated feeling I get when I fly or swim underwater with out the need to come up for air, or the sense of longing I experience when I wake up in the morning after dreaming about someone I miss that I have loved. It was a consoling to be able to share or relate to these common sensations with other human beings.

Somewhere along though way though, around last December, the entries became less frequent. Hell, I think there have only been about 5 entries this year and that is fucking disappointing!!! Not only because I have lost out on some bloody good entertainment and human interaction, but it seems Amit and all my mates on The Dream Blog have gotten too tied up in reality. And you know that sucks!

So I was browsing Post Secret (awesome blog updated every Sunday) like I do every Monday and I came across this postcard that made me think of you guys. I hope this does not fall on deaf ears. By the way, the title of this post is me saying ‘motivation’ in a Jamaican accent. So get off your asses and start posting again.


AmitD said...

Yo dawg... appreciate the wake up call. It's just so fuckin hard to remember my dreams these days man, maybe coz I am not getting as much sleep as I would like. I even had one last night and I know it was pretty damn cool but I was soooo damn tired when I woke up this morning I just could not remember it! I keep trying to encourage others to post but nada. You are more than welcome to post too man coz I know you must be having some trippy ass dreams.
Keep rockin baby....

kubolo bway said...

Avi, what would you prefer if you could choose, The:
a) ability to fly, or
b) ability to breathe underwater?

Shan said...

I like that postcard - and i totally agree with it cos I usually have pretty cool dreams myself...Except for those annoying ones where I run around in public places without a stitch of clothing on. Oh dear.

Shan said...

bro r u able to make it to bali around 3rd week to end of April? Hows your schedule looking? Am still keen so let me know so that I can sort out flights etc.

Avi said...

Amit - How so see some postage now that you got some pimpage. Man I hate Pauly Shore!

Kubolo - Well bro, I dont really know. If I could swim then I would be able to go wherever I want but I would have to watch out for sharks and stuff like that. In the sky I would feel free and have no predators. Either way yhe attraction would be the freedom to move.

But I think I would have to say breath underwater, cause this world is pretty much going to shit and there are deapths of the ocean that have not been explored at all. I love the water and I could be completely away from man kind. Plus I love sushi ;-)

Shan - I hate those nekid dreams too. And everyone else is clothed and I am just nekid not even worried about it. Then all of a sudden I get self concious in the middle of recess or somthing.

As for Bali, I am not sure. I will be in China from mid-april till about the end.

Shan said...

Hi Avi - maybe we can go after your trip to china? I'm cool with waiting just let me know if you're keen.

treespotter said...

btw, Williams Burrough wrote an entire book of his dreams - not the naked lunch, it's called My Education: Book of Dreams. the guy's really strange.

Avi said...

Shan - U know I am always keen to go to Bali. So after China, if things are good, I am in.

Tree- I'll check it out. The only ones I have of his are Naked Lunch and Junkie.

treespotter said...

well, it's not that big, i can have a copy sent if you want - usually it's not easy to find. mail ur adreess if you want.