Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Pool League - Week 4

So far things are not really looking that good for us. We have over all lost our last 3 games but we gained 5 points in the last one. This puts us in a tie for fourth place with Oscars Wilde who we are playing tonight. The leader of our conference (3) has 26 points and we are on 13. You can check the actual score cards here.

Today has been pretty busy as I am trying to get out of here soon so I can get to the bar and shoot a few rounds before the crowds come in. We are playing at home tonight, that is Fez Lounge in Kemang. I am hoping for a big win because we really need it at this point if we want to move into the finals. Plus since some of the other guys and I have cut down on the booze, I am not sure we will be able to retain the best drinkers cup. Mom will be so disappointed.

Did anyone try the War Bear game? I just finished it yesterday and it was a real brain teaser. Have a good one.

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