Thursday, March 02, 2006

We Suck

Okay, we don’t really suck and we actually played really well last night but the dark force was not with us and we lost, yet again. I opened and lost both my games then Inny followed up with 2 straight wins leveling the playing field. His second game was a close one because his opponent broke and continued to pot every one of his balls without giving Inny a chance to retort. As he took aim for his last ball he potted it and took down the black with it (by mistake) giving us the win.

Vivek stepped up third and lost both his games although they were also very close. He was followed up by PK who played really badly. Normally PK is an awesome player but last night he was completely out of tune. It was painful to watch him loose. Afterwards I saw him sitting at the bar, looking down at his hands and mouthing the word ‘why’. It is never easy when you find that the dark force has forsaken you. Better luck next week mate.

Surri played like a fucking hero and was cleaning up. It was like watching the maestro perform. He floated around that table potting one ball after the other and in his first game he did not even give his opponent the chance to respond before he annihilated him. In his second rack however, he got very unlucky on the black and the win was pulled out from under him. With the scores now standing at 3-7, I was hoping for VJ to come in and at least give us a fighting chance next week. He stylishly won his first game and sadly lost his second bringing the final score for men to 4-8.

In the ladies league we had the sisters Lidya and Indah up to bat. Not only are they both smokin’ hot, but they play some pretty wicked pool too. Lidya lost both her games but in all fairness her opponent was way older and more experienced than her. She put up one hell of a fight though. Indah played her ass off and secured 2 wins for the ladies that might just put them back in the running. All the girls on our team are amazing players not to mention the best looking in the league. But this aint no beauty pageant.

Win, loose, or draw, we have a really good team and all the players are very close and friendly. Hell, we love each other! We usually hang out together whenever we can and having pool night every Wednesday just gives us an excuse to let off some steam during the week. Some of the bars and teams take this whole competition way too seriously and only play for the win. Drunken arguments and even brawls have been known to break out amongst the Neanderthals. But at the end of the day, most of the people know that although a win is great, that is not what it is all about. And for the ones who don’t, we are here to remind them.

I leave you with a great joke I heard last night from my man Richeree. What is Snoop Dogs favorite weather?

DRIZZLE, my shizzle. Get it? Ha ha ha… I guess you had to be there.


AmitD said...

You are still a cartoon dawg...hehe You need me to come kick ass for you in pool? You know i can kick your ass godadmit!!!

Avi said...

On a small ass table, maybe... But you got to admit, that is one funny joke!