Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Canton Fair 2006 – Phase 2

So yesterday the 2nd phase of the fair kicked off. It is in both the same locations but with a whole new set of exhibitors. I visited the Pazhou complex earlier today. During the last phase it held all industrial and electronic items, this time they were exhibiting house hold products and food items. So where as last time there were mostly men in attendance, this time there were sooo many hot women around.

The crowd of visitors was just as large and the registration process was still running smoothly. It is amazing how they manage to process 300,000 buyers with hardly any glitches. And above that the security is pretty tight. No one without a proper ID tag is permitted to enter the building. Otherwise all the suppliers who did not pay to exhibit would storm in and hand out flyers. That’s how many manufacturers there are out here looking for business.

One of the areas that I found most interesting today was the suitcases and bags. I mean they had everything from Samsonites and LV’s to hand made ethnic handbags. This was adjacent to the ceramics hall and the hottest women were milling around here. I just could not focus on any work at all. I ran into at least 5 red heads and I LOVE read heads. I even struck up conversation with some American chick who I might meet up later with for a beer.

I know that I should be there to work but I could not deny the urge to spy the women. I am sick of working. I have been here 2 weeks and have almost nothing but work. It just is not natural. I am a poser. I am such a fucking poser. For the last 10 years I have been posing as a businessman when I know I am nothing of the sort. Through almost meeting I have sat through and everyday in front of my PC I am pretending to be someone I am not and I am conscious of it as well. Not to say that I was born to stare at chicks all day either. I felt like a real perv but I was really just admiring beauty. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. By the way, this exhibition center is composed of at least 15 halls all the same size as below. My feet are killing me!

I left the fair early today because I just could not hack it. There were so many people around me and today is pone of those days that I don’t wanna be overhearing people talk nonsense. And that is all I could hear at the fair. I am in the mood to sit at a bar and listen to strangers talk absolute bull shit. Yes. Over a beer it’s all good. I am the biggest fucking hypocrite I know. I haven’t got any cable TV here either so kicking back and brainwashing my mind is not even an option, although I could do with some of that.

Usually the crowd of people leaving in the late afternoon is unbearable as well. I am so grateful there was no taxi cue either. But as you can see there were ample taxis. Usually there about a hundred people waiting for a cab! I got the most psycho cab driver as well today. This cat had this blaring music playing in his car that sounded like it was recorded from some old school Nintendo game. Like the Mario Bros or something. And it had the most irritating English lyrics. So while he drove me through some narrow ass short cut back streets, there were Chinese signs zipping by and he would slam the breaks every now and then opening his window to scream obscenities at some school boy or vendor he almost killed, I had this ludicrous music playing right into my ear drums. When I finally got to my destination and threw the door open people one block away turned to see where the disco beat was coming from. I wish I could have recorded it for you. I never knew such music even existed. It could only belong to the 80’s.

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Anonymous said...

just love your writing. nice balance of observation and introspection. more photos of the gals pls. and u havent mentioned the food display