Thursday, April 27, 2006


I just got home about an hour ago. Had a bit to drink since 6 pm and smoked a bit of budd after that. So by the time I got home I felt a bit pekish. Normally I would just slap some ham in between 2 slices of bread and call it a night. But for some reason, being stones really causes you to get creative. This is seriously something I have not done for years. I mean if I do get the munchies I just run out for some Roti Coklat or Bubur Ayam.

Unfortunately I lacked the patience to take pictures this time but I assure this meal was equally satisfying if not more. So I walked to the fridge thinking I am gonna make a straight up ham sandwich. Then I saw the Tabasco. So that makes a good mix. Then I saw some sliced cheese and butter. I could take the effort tom put that together. Al this time you can that my stomach is in control. Initially the rest of my body just wanted to collapse in a comfortable spot and phase out. But the stomach…

So before I even realize what I am doing, I have turned on the fire and heated up a pan with butter. I proceeded to cook 3 slices of ham, one by one, placing a layer of Tabasco, mayonnaise, and chili between each slice, accompanied by a thin slice of cheese. You feel me? By now my mouth was watering so much I practically slipped on my own saliva. But that was not enough. I lined the pan with a layer of but and compressed the sandwich with a spatula. Each side was seared brown and traces of cheese oozed out of the edges. It went down so good. Sorry I got no pictures.

So now about 45 minutes has passed and I am kind of hungry again. But I am so not motivated so I probably smoke a cigarette and go to bed. But dude, that was one of the best sandwiches I have made in years. It’s a fucking mile stone dude. Have a nice fucking day J

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