Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I'm Leaving...

Work has been hectic. I am off to China for about 2 weeks tomorrow. I don’t think Blogger works out there so this might be my last post for a while. I celebrated my birthday yesterday. Thanks for the great time last night and thanks for all the emails and SMS’s.

I read here this that U2 is coming to Jakarta some time this ear. That is seriously something to look forward to. I spent the morning at home watching India vs England cricket. India already won the series taking 4 games out of 7. This was the 6th game, the 5th being called off due to rain. I have wanted MS Dhoni to open the innings for a long time and he finally got his chance today. He managed to stay in the game for a good 38 overs and scored 96 runs. It was an accomplishment and a half and Dhoni has proven himself to be a master of the game.

On the game front is not going so well for us in the JPL. Tonight is the last game and we are playing Everest. They are at the lowest spot in our conference (3) on the score card. I expect we will kick their asses royally if we get enough players. Most of the guys are out of town and I got to rest up for a 7am flight tomorrow. These long weekends have had me partying hard and it’s really taking its toll on my body.

So 2 weeks in China. I am not really excited. It is not somewhere I have been very eager to go. I guess I will come back with a few interesting posts so have a good one for now...


indonesia-anonymus said...

Happy Birthday !

And have fun in China.

kubolo bway said...


Happy burday Indo-dreamin! Too bad yr leaving to China, I was hoping to read a 1 year Anniversary Blog post from you on Friday.

Since you wont be around i wanted to say Happy Burday Indo-dreamin, and thanks for keeping us entertained for a whole year (April 14 2005 - April 14 2006), we look forward to many more mind boggling and intriguing posts from you!