Thursday, April 06, 2006


Last night on the way home from my pool game, which we drew 6-6, I found myself at Q Bar which is located at the Sports Mall in Kelapa Gading. This has been our best game yet and we already don’t stand a chance of progressing to the semi-finals. I had been there some months ago but I did not really dig the set up. It was basically a pool joint with a large surface bar that featured dancers every hour or so. The dancers would do 1 song while dressed in skimpy clothing and 1 song topless. They would not perform on weekends, only Monday to Thursday. The atmosphere was pretty dreary and the only guests were old Chinese dudes.

The spot is not too far from where I live so on the way home some buddies of mine called me and told me to join them for a beer, so I figured why the hell not. The bar looked pretty much the same but one area where there were pool tables had been closed off my large white fluffy doors and they had separate security. I think the name on the outside of it was Velocity or Velcro. Whatever it was it definitely tweaked my curiosity. After getting hold of a dink I ventured inward to see what I was missing.

I walked into a large dark room that was flanked on all sides by plush sofas. The central area was quite bare with 4 small circular stages that had poles on them. There were soft lights focused on each stage where they had some beautiful Indonesian women dancing. They were wearing sexy black panties and shear chiffon blouses open down the front and long down to the knees. Underneath they wore different colored bras; one was black, and the other blue. I did not see the rest. They slowly unhooked the front clasp and let then drop to the floor allowing their ample breasts to breathe free air and their nipples stood at attention. Okay, that’s really cheesy. But these girls were quite voluptuous.

I noticed my buddy Icon the tattoo artist sitting in there as well. He informed me that one of the chicks on the stage was his girl friend. He was obviously quite proud as he blew her a kiss but I felt pretty awkward staring at her tits. He told me that he comes here once in a while after work and the way the system works is that you have to buy a bottle of booze in order to chill in the lounge. That seemed pretty decent to me considering that it costs only a million for a bottle of JD. He also pointed over to the corner where I saw 4 drop dead gorgeous women. They were all dressed in skimpy yet elegant clothing and they seemed to be of Eastern European decent.

I was pretty excited at the prospect of having a strip club down the road from my house that featured a variety of Eastern European chicks. But I found out that these girls were only there to keep the men ‘company’. Cool, I guess but not my cuppa tea. I would rather step in on a Friday night on my way out to a club just to sip on 2 or 3 drinks and admire some gorgeous women. There were not too many people in the lounge either but I was told it gets pretty packed on the weekend.

I returned to my friends outside and saw about 5 chicks dancing lazily on the bar top. Only one of them really wore a smile. They were wearing hipsters and see trough tops, which also came of for only 5 minutes. They looked pretty sad and that made me feel really sad. Their bodies were not anything to write home about but I tell you any girl with a positive attitude and a great smile can knock me off my feet. I only had one beer before I went home, but it was already 2.30 am anyways.

The strip clubs here have never really done anything for me. I like to see people having a good time and girls being seductive. To a certain extent, strippers are fulfilling a fantasy. They allow us men to believe that we live in a world where some women actually enjoy getting naked I front of a group of us and moving their bodies I ways we can only wish our wives or girl friends could. I don’t see anything with guys patronizing strip clubs o women choosing it as a means to earn a living. Hell, if I had a great body I would milk it for what its worth.

I found this list on The Girl Next Door blog which is owned by a female stripper based in Canada. These are general misconceptions about strippers that many guys just choose to believe. I have visited strip clubs all over the world. I am not a pervert, well at least I do not consider my self to be one, but I am just a regular man with a healthy sexual appetite. And I am not in strip clubs looking to get laid but rather just enjoy a few drinks while watching some beautiful women dance. I found this pretty funny and accurate and her whole blog quite interesting as well. This may not be accurate for local strippers here but maybe they could actually learn a few things from this. Most guys will relate to this right away.

1. Our Age: Strippers generally won’t tell you their real age. If I look 18 and am really 25, I’m going to tell you somewhere in between or at least the number you want to here. No guy wants to hear that his stripper is 40 if she can pass for 28. Unless the girl has a driver’s license to prove it, never trust her age. Worse is stripper’s who look 19 and are actually 15. That tends to happen as well.

2. How Much We Make: The common thought is that stripper’s make a lot of money, but honestly that not really the case any more. The days of the smart stripper’s driving around in Mercedes is almost over. Most of the girls I work with make less than $800 a week and are living in motel rooms, and taking taxis to work. I make an average of $40,000 a year and I’m living the best life out of most of the girls I know. I live in a nice house, drive a nice economy car and own some nice things. That’s it. Any of the girls that do make more than me spend most of it on drugs or booze before they even leave work or there are a few who save and make good use of their money.

3. Our Martial Status: Strippers will always be single no matter what their real situation. We are supposed to be a fantasy and fantasies don’t come with a boyfriend or a husband.

4. Why We Dance: Strippers will tell you they dance to put themselves through school, that they do it as a single mom to support their kids, or some other tragic story. Truth is I’ve met only 3 girls that went to school while dancing and that is out of hundreds I’ve met and any mom strippers I know tend to also have a lazy ass man sitting at home with the kids, while she strips to support them and their drug habits. The truth usually is that most girls need up stripping because they can’t survive in the normal world and at a normal job and strip clubs are the only places that will put up with their shit.

5. How Turned On We Get Dancing: I don’t know one girl who really enjoys on a sexual level grinding her booty on some guy’s lap for a living. It’s a job, guys! Do you get turned on flipping burgers, or changing the oil on a car? No, and we don’t get turned on while dancing.

6. How We Really Feel About You: No matter how cute you are, you are just a mark. We will tell you every line you want to hear about how great you are, and how if we were only in a different situation we’d date you. We’ll take email addresses from you, phone numbers and maybe even setup a date with you, but 9 times of 10 unless the girl is a whore, we will stand you up. In the end, we’re only after your money.

7. The Real Reason For No Extras: Any dancer will tell you that you can’t get extras due to the rules of the club and the laws in that area, but truthfully the stripper is probably thinking that rules or no rules, there is no way you are touching, licking, or fucking her pussy or ass. We just tell you it’s because of the rules to make you think we really do want to fuck you and you keep getting dances.

8. Our Name Tattoos: Any stripper that has a name tattooed on her pussy, ass or tits is owned by a pimp. She will lie and say the name is her brother’s, father’s or most likely her kids, but honestly would you as a parent tattoo your kid’s name on your ass? Trust me when I tell you the name is their pimp’s and it’s a sign of ownership.

9. Our Sex Lives: Strippers are just as sexual at home as your girlfriend or wife is. We are not nymphos in bed and are not horny 24/7. Honestly I watch porn and wonder how any girl could stand fucking for so long and not end up with a sore pussy all the time. I love sex, but not everyday, twice a day. And if any stripper is that horny all the time, it’s because she’s high or drunk all the time too.

10. Our Love of The Job: Any dancer will tell you she loves her job for whatever reason, but honestly what normal girl wants to be a stripper. If I could do something else right now and still live the same way I would, but this is what I have to do for now. I mean how many girls do you know who want to spend their days being fondled by strangers and picking dollars bills up with their pussies?

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