Monday, May 22, 2006

Jakarta Pool League Finals 2006

So the JPL finals took place this Saturday. We played pool every Wednesday for the last 3 months and we did not even make it. In fact our team did not even show up for the last 3 games when I was in China. You can check out the scores here. As you can see Team Fezilicious finished with 45 points which puts us in the bottom 10. I believe if we had played the last few games we might have seeded in the top 10 at least and saved some face.

Anyways, the finals were hosted at Aphrodite Bar in Club Rasuna. They set up the lobby area with stadium seating and 2 well lit pool tables. They actually used scaffolding to put in lighting. The set up was quite decent.

Beer was free flow for all players, courtesy of Bintang. We also got 2 free house pouring per person but after that you would have to pay for hard booze. There were ample waiters and bar staff so no disorderly lines to wait in. You could actually get booze on demand.

The semifinals for both the men’s and women’s league were played followed by the men’s and women’s singles semis and finals. The grand finale was the team finals which features the Crossroads Itchy Crabs against the Fez Challengers. They are from the same bar as me but they obviously played way better. It was actually quite interesting because these were 2 teams that never made it to the finals before.

The turnout was great. Loads of guys, girls, and kids showed up. I had to leave a bit early to go watch a movie with friends but I heard it was a real piss up. I was there for a good 4 hours and I could see the blokes were well on their way.

In the end I believe the Fez Challengers lost 4-7 to the Crossroads Itchy Crabs. They are an awesome team. We played them a couple of times and actually drew once I think. It will be another 2 months till the next leg in between but I am joining another league till then. I need to keep my Wednesday nights occupied.

On the 27th the awards night will also be hosted at the JW Marriot. It is usually a very fun filled evening with entertainment, food, and drinks. The organizers hand out awards to all the winning teams and some of the loosing ones. Last year we secured the best drinking team award but I fear because of our lack of participation in the last leg we will loose that also.

These are the only 2 members of our team that showed up in the finals.

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