Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Lacoste 12.12. Event – Jakarta

On Friday a friend of mine from Hawaii came in to town. Some of you may recognize him. F is now working in Bangkok with Lacoste, the Crocodile clothing brand. I believe the company is making a come back so he had come down for some launching they were having here. The event was hosted at some gallery in Kemang with a funny name. But it was a beautiful spot and the décor was awesome.

Numerous local designers had put their own spin on the classic Lacoste t-shirts and these were on display for auction. Proceeds would obviously go to a specified charity. Some were just hand painted with signature styles from the artist, like this one.

Whereas other designers looked at current fashion trends and altered the entire design. This piece actually seemed the most interesting to me. I like what has been done with the sleeves and collar. It is for ladies of course.

Lacoste also had on display some interesting dresses. All in all, the line up was pretty decent, but more than to showcase the designs of Lacoste, they were promoting local designers. You woould have liked it Surri. Wish you were here.

I do not normally attend nor get invited to such events. I am not sophisticunted enough. Its enough effort for me to throw on a suit and attend a good friends wedding, I was not keen on going to some bash with a bunch of people I do not know, to stand around and check out hot models. But it was alright. I got to meet some really good friends of mine that I had not seen in a few months. When we get together, usually all hell breaks loose.

On the way out I did spot this fucking wikid frog chillin on the wall. I really like frogs and although I have seen funky little fellas like this in real life, I have never checked one out in person. It was redder than it shows in the picture and his fingertips were like little balls.

The after party was fun. The Hawaii crew always has good vibes and that makes for a very crazy night. I think this picture says a lot.

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