Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ku De Ta - Revisited

Ku De Ta is sort of a beach bar/lounge located on Jl.Oberoi in Bali. It is stylish, modern, classy, and extremely popular amongst locals and foreigners alike. It is not the type of place most back packing tourists would hang out though because it can be a bit pricey.

The security here is very tight. Each and every car coming on to the property is checked thoroughly and most cars are even forced to park in adjacent parking lots. It becomes a bit of a pain in the ass at times but this spot is so popular that it would be a prime target.

Back when the tourism industry was thriving there would be nights when I came here and there was a line going out on to the streets of people wanting to get in. Media publications like FTV and FHM have hosted parties here with top notch models in attendance. Numerous local and international celebrities have wined and dined here as well.

Now the night time crowd is not that creamy but in the day time there are a fair amount of people lounging about. There is a pretty decent beach right in front of the property. It does get over crowded with vendors and they do harass visitors a bit too much. But the lounge chairs are comfy and the drinks are great.

I guess one really cool thing about Ku De Ta is that you can show up in a pair of board shorts and flip flops with no shirt on or a bikini for the ladies and be mingling with guys in linen trousers and silk shirts and ladies all glitzed out. That used to be an aspect I enjoyed of the place but more recently that dynamic does not seem to exist anymore.

All my recent trips to Bali however have ended up here. It is only 20 minutes away from the airport and as we are usually in a group, we just chill out here eating and drinking as each person makes their timely departure. On a Sunday evening many friends seem to show up here as well.

The food is quite appetizing at Ku De Ta. I usually stick to the finger foods. Here are the raw oysters with parmesan cheese and salmon eggs (roe?). I ate 3 of them before I remembered to take a picture.

They make some pretty awesome sushi rolls. These are unagi or eel. It was quite fresh.

The meatballs can be quite messy but they taste hella good.

With 5 foreign managers in tow, Ku De Ta has managed to maintain their high standards of service and appearance. They still continue to throw some pretty phat parties and employ top notch DJ’s for their events. The sunset here can also be quite spectacular although I would not compare it to Dreamland beach.

Ku De Ta is defiantly a place you must visit while is Bali but do not let your journey end there. It is only one level of enjoyment that the island has to offer. It did set new standards in entertainment when it first opened up but since then there are many other places that have opened up and offer similar experiences.

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