Saturday, July 22, 2006

1920 German Style Resto

1920 German Restaurant is located out by the Pearl River. It is an old school joint with a typically German menu consisting of sausages and sauerkraut. They also have a decent variety of German beers on tap. The quaint restaurant is situated in an old colonial building that was allegedly built by the Germans back in the day.

On the ground floor there is a well stocked bar, a few tables inside, and a lot of tables outside. The weather here is pretty hot right now so sitting outside was not an option for us. It would be an awesome spot on a cool evening though.

The upstairs is primarily for dining and their happy hour rates do not apply to this floor for some reason. The tables by the windows sport a commanding view of the Pearl River.

The décor was not anything special really. They had a bunch of old black and white German photos scattered randomly about the walls. The only real defining piece would be these green hats that sit on every table until the guests are seated. For entertainment they have this one man band with this old dude that sings Elvis tunes. It was not too loud.

While we took down a few beers we also ordered this cheese and salami platter. There were 3 types of cheese, American, Swiss, and French, served with a fair amount of spicy salami, rye bread, and pickles. They had a variety of mixed platters on the menu with different types of meats. They are quite popular for people who come by just to snack and drink.

For the main course my uncle had this fish dish. It had 2 fillets of fish with a layer of stir fried potatoes and bacon resting between them. He took that down with a glass of house white wine and he LOVED it.

I was not really blown away by my grilled sirloin. I asked for medium but it was a bit too rare. That would have been alright if the quality of meat was better. The meat was very fresh but it was clearly a local slab of beef and it was tough and too fatty. The pepper sauce and grilled vegetables on the side were splendid.

After dinner we strolled down by the river enjoying the view. There are some beautiful buildings in the area and wonderful light shows to watch. There are also decotrative and functional bridges that cross over numerous locations on the river. The area is actually very clean and pleasant to walk around. But being Friday night it was a little too crowded.

On there river there are quite a few of these boats cruising up and down that are actually restaurants. They even have an Arabic food one. I have not tried this out yet but I should give it a shot in the next few weeks and I will of course let you know how it goes.

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