Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Belly Dancing in Yiwu

I flew up to a small town in China called Yiwu on Sunday evening. It is a popular business destination best known for its massive wholesale market where buyers can pick up a wide assortment of goods in small quantities and consolidate shipments. It was a 2 hour flight north of Guangzhou.

The airport arrival building is only about as big as a small supermarket. They only had one conveyor belt for luggage. When the plane landed I actually felt for the first time that I was in RED China. There were at least 20 fighter jets lined up beside the runway and while walking to the arrivals building we were flanked by some old school single propeller fighter planes. I was taking pictures but was taken aside by a security officer and forced to erase them.

We checked into the Yindu Hotel which is supposedly a 4 star joint. There are loads of hotels in the city but apparently this is one of the better ones. It is quit large and located near the city center.

The lobby is very big but the décor was very quite disappointing for a 4 star hotel. In fact the only real feature in there was this huge centerpiece. The single cool thing about it, which you might not be able to see in the picture, is these glass beads dangling on the rim of the feature that look like drops of water.

I was quite worried that the rooms would be stank. But I was quite pleasantly surprised. The beds were comfortable and clean, the a/c was chilling, and there was no strange smell in the air. That might change after I am done here though.

The room was even large enough to accommodate a TV and the writing desk that I am working from right now. We are paying a flat rate of around $50 which includes a 24 hour broadband internet connection. There is also a gym and swimming pool in the hotel which I have not seen as yet. This is apparently business hotel so all charges for facilities mentioned above are fitted into the flat rate.

The bathrooms in the room are not very big but they are clean and the shower water is hot with great pressure. The hotel provides a variety of complimentary toiletries. There is the usual toothbrush, shaving kit, and soaps. In addition they have these products laid out on the lid of the commode.

Upon closer inspection you can see that on the lid of the commode there is a pack of tissues, 2 packs of condoms (one local and one durex), and 2 other packages, one labeled ‘only for man’ and the other labeled ‘only for women’.

At this point I realized that this hotel and probably this very room has been the intersection point for some pretty sketchy liaisons. I guess traveling businessmen are notorious for their late night activities and it is commendable or the hotel to have provided paraphernalia that advocates safe sex. But what were these other 2 items? Close up it is apparent that these products are made by the ‘Chian Ningbo Knowyoubird Clean-Keeping Co. LTD’. They are also apparently marketed under the ‘Know You Bird’ brand name.

I do not have the time or energy to type out exactly what the back of each pack says but the gel like solution, when scrubbed on your privates before and after sexual intercourse can allegedly reduce the chances of attracting STD’s by 99.9%! Those are some pretty awesome odds. And this is not some local Chinese herbal shit, it is purportedly Swiss technology.

Yiwu is a very small town but it has seen a lot of growth over the last five hears. There are numerous new restaurants in the city serving all kinds of food, from Indian to Italian. However I noticed that there are many more Arabic restaurants than any other. I guess a lot of Arabs come here on business. For the first night here we played it safe and went to one of the larger places that also have a branch in GZ, Thousand and One Nights.

The décor in this place is quite all out and gaudy. Where as most of the other places are mostly brightly lit with walls and simple tables, this place has carved walls, plaster molded ceilings, and dim lighting.

The other Arab places do not serve booze and the other local ones only serve beer but Thousand and One Nights has a full on bar. I helped my self to a Cuba Libre. I thought the JD stirrer was a cool touch and I had to take a picture.

The most awesome aspect of the restaurant had to be the live Arabic music and the belly dancers. Yes, belly dancers. There is nothing more scrumptious to watch while indulging in a meat based meal. This fine young thing was from Uzbekistan. She could really shake her ass and she made some sexy eye contact with every guy in the place. She had me feeling like I was the only hero in the joint.

The first girl danced about 20 minutes then took a break. 1 hour later this pretty little Chinese girl with huge knockers came out to take over. She had a gorgeous smile. She could more very well also and she even coaxed me out of my seat to break it down with her. My female friend who I was with insisted that her boobs were fake but I refuse to believe that. It fucks up the fantasy. She might just be that one in a million big boobied Chinese girl. And I could have sworn I saw them ripple.

So far Yiwu has been quite a trip although I am just making the most of a pretty boring town. It seems most of the scene here caters to horny old businessmen and that does not twist my nipples really. During the day people are busting their asses in the market and after dark they pray to god and then go out to lust after young Chinese women in dark bars. I guess I should not be so judgmental after being here only 3 days and having done my fair share of lusting. Let’s see what else I can discover before I go back to GZ.


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