Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Fact is Stranger than Fiction

This is a dream I had on the 9th of July, the 2 nights before my medical check up. I woke up that morning at about 10 am to have breakfast and went back to bed after that, when I had this dream. After the dream I jumped straight out of bed, grabbed a bad and wrote it down. It was abnormally vivid and felt very strange. I did not write it down with the intention to post it but I felt I had to get it out of my mind. I scribbled 5 full pages. At the time I had a bag of weed and some Tramadol pills in my backpack. I am in a rush and I do not have time to read it over so sorry for any spelling errors. This entry is also posted on The Dream Blog. Those guys should have some good feedback.

I woke up in the suite I was staying at in the Marriot Mumbai. It was still dark and I went over to my backpack and grabbed a pill of ecstasy out of the pouch. I popped it and immediately regretted doing that because at that moment it dawned upon me that I had an appointment for a medical check up that morning. I was not supposed to eat or drink anything 12 hours prior to the check up. I remember thinking, why have I popped a pill when I know I am going to be under a microscope in just a few hours?

Suddenly I wake up again. Still in the dream. Its 6 am now. I was awoken by load knocking on the door. I opened the door and a doctor in a white suit stormed into the room, grabbed my wrist, and started putting a band around it. I tried to stop him but he said I had to get ready for my check up. I was arguing and making excuses about how I already ate and I would not be able to do the check up today but he said it would not be a problem. They were ready for me. The band was fixed around my wrist but I managed to push the doctor out of the room. He was a Chinese or at least East Asian doctor.

I woke up again, for the third time in this dream. This time I instantly realized I was on E, but I do not remember feeling like I was rolling and I still had the yellow band around my wrist. The door bell was ringing. I answered it and this time I was greated by 3 of my aunts. And they were not even aunts that are directly related to me or that I have any emotional connection with. They had come to take for my check up and I was thinking, why them? I tried again to get out of the check up but they forced me and immediately I found myself in a Kijang car driving down some back streets in Kunningan Jakarta.

We arrived at a building that I remember from another dream. I sometimes revisit locations on dreams. Although they are real places they never resemble the exact locations. This building looked like the new skin care clinic that has opened in Kelapa Gading. It is large and mostly made of glass and metal. All the exterior walls are glass with metal supports. The parking lot was abnormally large, like a football field. In the previous dream I had been lost inside this hospital that was like a labyrinth on the inside. And I remember thinking this during this dream. I felt uneasy.

I am standing in the parking lot of the building. My aunts are gone and I do not seem to realize or even care. I am amongst a group of people that all seem to be part of an initiation with a group leader talking to us. I did not really take notice of any individual at this point or at least I do not remember taking notice. An old dusty black mustang drives up to the front of the congregation. A guy with long blonde hair and a goatee was driving the car. He looked like that dude from the last season of American Idol. I remember thinking that. He wore black jeans and a black t-shirt. His radio was turned up loud and there was a song blaring on it. It was ‘Pork Flower’ by a band my friend was in high school called ‘Mojo’. It is like a slow ballad that breaks into heavy rock towards the end. I have it on my ipod. It is an awesome song. All the people in the group seem to know this song and they are all singing along. It was like an anthem for them. It was a beautiful and serene moment.

I was blown away and the blonde dude came and stood beside me. I asked him where he got that song. He was overconfident, rough, and confrontational. He told me to fuck off. He said it was none of my business. I told him to chill and that I know this band from my high school and I was wondering if he was in the same school. I was dropping names. He told me quite nonchalant that he heard the song on the radio and that it was pretty famous.

Another car pulled up in front of the group. This time it was a large white luxury car, abnormally long, convertible, with gold trimmings, like an old school rolls stretched out 3 times its size. It was driven by a chauffer, a white guy in a uniform. In the back there was an Indian guy in a very sharp white suit with a big smug smile on his face. He was a good looking bloke too. He stood up and threw roses into the crowd like an aspiring politician.

I knew this guy. Not from real life, but again from another dream. He was a show off with degrees in all sorts of things from the best universities. The kind of guy most people would look up to. He started preached some philosophy to the crowd I was standing in. He was talking sense but not necessarily to my agreement. The mustang guy starts to argue with him and it was quite a heavy discussion. At the time we were all following it and I was thinking I have to remember this but for the life of me I cant. At this point I also notice that the chauffer was sitting in the back of the car with his boss, leaned back and feet up, egging his boss on, laughing at his jokes and whole heartedly supporting him. Eventually Mr. Mustang puts the heroic smooth talking guy in his place and silence falls. We al turn and walk towards the building.

Now this moment/vision is etched into my mind. While I was walking towards the building I turned and look back at the hero and his car has shrunk to only about 4 feet long. It is scrunched up and a dirty green color. The driver is looking forward and the steering wheel is pressed right up against his chest. The boss is sitting in the back all squeezed up with his knees up to his chin. He is not so handsome now. He has dark circles under his eyes and fangs protruding fro his mouth with a very angry look on his face. This image is burned in my mind although I had only turned and taken a momentary glance.

From here in my memory fails me. When I started writing it was all clear but by the time I got to this point it got a bi hazy. Only bits and pieces still stood out.

The building, as I said before was new and modern from the outside. Once we entered I recall thinking this is more like a rehab center than a medical check up clinic. The interior of the building was far from modern. The walls were a dirty dark red color and the rooms were small with low ceilings, very claustrophobic. There were numerous stair wells we passed through that were blocked in some parts. We had to duck and weave through gaps. Some of them too small for a normal person. It was a labyrinth. There was no way to know where you were going or coming. I was talking to some of the other patients and this period seemed to go on for a very long time. I was getting tired and I was wondering when I would wake up. I became aware that I was dreaming. I was asleep and I was tired.

I suddenly appeared in a glass room. It was clean, white, and very sterile. I was in a line of people all waiting in front of a glass counter to receive medication from a nurse. She looked like nurse Rachet from ‘One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest’. When came to my turn she handed me 4 brown pills. I asked her what they were and she told me they are good for me so take them. I was worried they would conflict with the E I had already taken. I told her that I like to know what I put in my body and I was not trying to make trouble but I just wanted to know what she was giving me so I could check it out online later. She tried to force the pills on me and suddenly a bunch of people were pinning me down. I broke free and started to run. I was ducking and diving through the holes in the labyrinth. Up and around stairs. I was frustrated and lost. I woke up. Sweating.


surri said...

Sounds fuckin trippy.....hows China....remember, we're always reading your stuff even though we dont leave feelll meeee...!!!!

Anonymous said...

dude, you really watch a lot of movies...