Friday, August 04, 2006

Aloha Friday

It’s Aloha Friday one again. No work till Monday. I have had a long painful week. But none the less, one of the more productive weeks I have had in my recent past. That gives me the excuse to bust out of work today and run to the pub for a cold pint of Kilkenny, guilt free.

I have been pretty well behaved when it comes to drinking this week. I have not touched any hard liquor this whole week. I usually stick to only a few beers a night. I need some salvation because where as last week I had a full house, I am now totally alone. I really like having the space and in the evening I usually just chill by the window with a cold beer, a pack of smokes, and a good book. The insomnia is still kicking my ass so I am usually up till about 2 in the morning.
The weather the last 3 days has been pretty gloomy but I dig it. It has been raining every morning and every night. I just wish I could stay in bed all day to enjoy it. I have a great view from my window of the tallest building in Guangzhou which has about 80 something floors. Last night the clouds were hanging over low and moving across the top of the building. There was a red sign on the top of the building that emitted a red glow that lit up the clouds around it. It was quite an awesome sight but my camera is not functioning right now
I am getting used to living in a an apartment building now and between pages of my book I usually look out to see what other people in the city are up to. It is amazing how many TV screens you can see glowing from windows on an apartment building. I have not managed to catch anyone doing anything fun or kinky yet but if I do you will be the first to know. I think I need to buy a telescope. The city is going to turn me into a freak.

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