Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Madonna Code

If you have read ‘The Da Vinci Code’ or ‘Angels and Demons’ you will have noticed how Dan brown points out numerous instances where hidden messages have been intertwined into old paintings, literature, and statues. Today I have come across ‘The Madonna Code’ where one Frater Grey Holme sdemonstrate the similarity between ancient depictions of Madonna (Mother Mary) and the vulva, more commonly referred to as a pussy. He has posted 8 pictures of comparisons like the one below. I do not usually post sexually explicit pictures on this blog because it really not of that nature but this is NOT PORN. It is just an analysis of human anatomy so do not get squeamish and lets act like grown ups, just for the moment.

I personally think it is a pure coincidence that the folds of the vagina can and do resemble the folds of Madonna’s gowns in the pictures shown. I also believe Holme has way to much time on his hands and has either found women to pose with their snatches in such a manner as to imitate the pictures of Madonna or he has a bloody huge collection of pussy pictures that he spent ages going through. He has obviously chosen to trace over the lines that will create an image to reinforce his hypothesis. The theory seems bogus but artistically you have to admit it is very interesting, unless of course you are a devout Roman Catholic.


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