Thursday, August 10, 2006

Marie Sharp’s Habanero Pepper Sauce

I have a client who recently came down from Belize. He wanted to bring me a gift but not the usual bottle of booze or box of chocolates. He figured being Indian I would really appreciate some really spicy hot sauce so he brought a Belizean national product, habanero pepper sauce.

These two bottles of habanero sauce are both the same brands and as far as I know, they taste the same. In fat, every detail of the bottles including what is written on them is identical except one is called ‘No Wimps Allowed’ and the other ‘Belizean Heat’.

You have to admit that the packaging is pretty intimidating and in case that was not enough they added this serious warning on the back. This guy who came from Belize could really take down spicy food. Every restaurant we went to he would order a plate of chopped red peppers. I can eat spicy food but this dude was just over board. I was pretty scared to try this sauce.

The ingredients are pretty standard and the product is made in Belize so I would not get some US rip off of a local product. Also tasting the sauce I realized it was not uncomfortably spicy but rather very flavorful. That would have a lot to do with the ingredients which are quite intriguing.

I poured a bit of the sauce out on to my table to give you a closer look at the texture. It is thick (thicker than Tabasco) and it still has seeds in it. The seeds are the part of the pepper that really packs the heat. I also found that when I incorporate this sauce into my cooking it liberates the heat. It really sets the flavors loose in the sauce and it brings on a whole new flavor. I really dig it when people put some thought into simple gifts.

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