Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Supone A-6321 Speaker Set

I went to a computer market not too far from my place today. It is pretty much like what we have at Mangga Dua in Jakarta except this is just computer stuff. And it is not the main computer market but just a smaller spin off. It was still pretty big. On the bottom floor they were selling a whole lot of non-branded electronics as well as fake accessories. They all work well but they are fake brands. I came across the SUPONE A-6321 speak set which I picked up for myself.

I have held off investing in any electronics or furniture since I have come to China until I get a place I am happy with and I settle down. Right now things are still up in the air. So I have been making do with an old ass TV, no cable, and music from my lap top or my headphones. I had been considering buying some speakers just to hook up to my ipod but I did not want to spend too much and the SUPONE was just the right thing. It set me back only RMB150 which is a little less than US$20!

The SUPONE A-6321 is a 4 piece set with 2 speakers, a subwoofer, and what one could call an amplifier. The amplifier houses the control switches for power, volume, and treble. On the back it also holds the speaker sockets, power cord, and input sockets. It has the basic red and white audio input as well as a single socket which makes it effective for me to hook my ipod up to it.

I set it up right on my window sill. The sound is pretty good and the controls are all functional. I can also get the volume up to a pretty decent level. If I mess with the sound functions on my ipod I can actually achieve some pretty good sound. And all that for only 20 bucks! It’s a steal. Having my music play out load in good quality really changes the atmosphere in my apartment. I can’t even begin to explain how happy I am about this. In the words of Steel Pulse, “Life without music, I can’t go”.

They also sell pirated DVD’s and software here just like they do in JKT. However it seems that has been some sort of crackdown because the store I went to was closed in front and they opened the shutter to let us in. I did not really see any different movies I guess because the same stuff gets cycled here as in JKT. I stayed away from the new films knowing they would be shite copies. I picked up a couple of onld time pass films and I did stumble across one movie that I could not leave hanging.

DEEP THROAT!!! This is the ‘Godfather’ of porn flicks. It stars Linda Lovelace, the original deep throat. I have read and heard about this film. It is a classic in every right but I have never seen it. I had an old client with me when I came across the film but I grabbed it anyways. I told him my buddy back home collects 70’s porn. He is a DJ and he uses the music. I do not know when I will have enough privacy to watch this but I do look forward to it. What can I say, I love history.

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