Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Woman Scorned

I came across Emily’s Blog today. She started blogging on the 30th of June 2006. She wrote about her life, thoughts, and activities as many of us do. Until mid-July her life was right on track with a marriage that had all the right elements. She had great friends and a career in real estate that was also making headway. Then she found out that her husband of 7 years was cheating on her with her best friends. Rather than play the victim, she decided to get revenge and give us a front row seat to the show.

“In the last few days, I’ve done a lot of thinking. I’ve done some number crunching. I’ve done some brainstorming. I’ve made some phone calls. I’ve thought about what the rest of my life will entail. And the rest of my life starts tomorrow. Tomorrow, the world will bear witness to a woman scorned. After tomorrow, husbands all over the country will think twice before inviting their divorcee secretaries out for a mojito. They’ll check themselves before they wander into online singles chat rooms. After tomorrow, husbands will be rubbing one out in the shower, instead of signing the room check for their mistress at the Plaza. Steven and Laura have been doing a lot of fucking lately. Now, it’s my turn.”

Emily has decided to torment Steven for 14 days with an onslaught of tricks. Above you can see a huge billboard she posted on the main street near his office and bellow she defaces his BMW 350i. Way to hit a guy where it hurts.

I think one of the most fucked up thing a person can do is to cheat on their spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend. It is in excusable. I know many people who confront infidelity and restore their marriages, but for me that would be impossible. It is in-fucking-excusable. You can not leave any comments on Emily’s Blog so you can’t give her props there. So Emily, if you find your way here, you got my respect. You were giving that marriage your best and I am glad you did not stay down when you fell and rather chose to kick some ass and get even. Keep living. You are an inspiration to me and every other person out there that has dealt with a treacherous partner.


Hobart said...

I think it's a bit petty, but I can't imagine how hurt Emily must be.

Avi said...

Dude, you guys need to check out the link to the video clip where she dumps his stuff on the street. Fucking hillarious. I am not sure if this blog is for real but it seems so.

Hobart - Petty, maybe. After reading everything she did I would say out right insane. But as far as revenge goes, this is genius.

Shan said...

Respect! Gotta give her some props. Besides this was a marriage, it's not like they were just dating. Much more at stake so good for her - to a point lah.

triesti said...

I absolutely agree with you about cheater. I cant never understand why one cant end one relationship before starting the other.

Btw, they said the Emily's blog a hoax. see here: