Monday, September 25, 2006

Jack Daniels Silver Select Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey

When I was last in Mumbai of July 2006, my friend gifted me with a bottle of Jack Daniels Silver Select.

JD Silver Select is an exclusive product from the well known Jack Daniels distillery. This special blend is 100 proof and aged longer giving it subtle differences in flavor from the standard swill.

The bottle is simple with no real distinctive or unique shape. I think they should have modified and modernized the original Jack Daniels bottle style for this brand. The glass is of good quality and quite heavy. The seal or cover is also made of glass with a cork stopper rather than a twist on nipple. The label is embossed on an aluminum sheet rather than paper and there is an additional label tied around the neck of the bottle. I do not know what purpose it serves as it does not have any other information on it.

The neck of the bottle it strapped with what appears to be a hand written label presenting the information of when this particular bottle was released from the distillery and also the number of the batch in which it was distilled. One of the attributes of JD Silver Select is that each bottle is filled from its own barrel. This essentially insures a pure taste from that single batch that will not be tainted with flavors of other batches from other barrels. But although thy have designed the label to look hand written creating more of a personal touch, it is still apparent that it is machine printed.

JD Silver select is best served on ice. I found this blend to roll down my throat quite smoothly. Also the flavor was a bit stronger but not at all harsh. It is great for sipping and also not bad at all with a bit of coke.

I think if the JD distillery was trying to spin off a high end product for its consumers to switch to or also enjoy on special occasions, they are off the mark. Although this blend is good, I do not think it is worth $30 or $10 more than the original JD. I think if they want a high end product they should really go all the way with high quality bourbon in mind blowing packaging. For me, the Silver Select was a bit disappointing, but only because I expect more from my friends at Jack Daniles Distillery.

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