Monday, September 25, 2006

Surprise Surprise

I was planning to fly back to Jakarta last Saturday. The Ramadan fasting season was about to kick off most of the bars and clubs would be closed for about a month. My mates were all having a big bash and I wanted to show up and surprise them. On Friday morning I got a message from a friend that the clubs would all be closed on Saturday so they had decided to have the get together on Friday night. This kind of threw a wrench in my plans. But I was determined so with luggage in hand I headed to the airport in GZ and managed to catch a flight into JKT that got me in at about 9 pm. I went from the airport straight to the bar they were kickin it at and blew their minds. It was awesome to receive a solid reception from my friends, especially after being absent for about 3 months now.

Needless to say, we really tore it up on Friday night. Then on Sunday the crew ended up at my place watching football and sipping drinks. For the first time in years, I actually felt like JKT is home. I felt so much love this weekend that makes it really hard for me to accept that I am heading back to China in 2 weeks. But being back here is awesome. I am so stoked to be back in my own bed room and in my own house. I spent yesterday chillin on my couch just watching TV. As for the food, I am going all out.

For now I got shit loads of work to take care of before I get back to the wedding blogging. I had attended a wedding in India a few months ago which I never finished posting pictures of. And I am going to Cambodia on Wednesday for another wedding as well. I am hoping to compile some sort of wedding post with pictures from all 3 occasions which can fairly cover the Indian wedding. I really hope this is the last wedding I have to go to this year. Although I do love meeting new people and spending time with friends, I really need to commit some time and energy to my work.

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surri said...

yeah was good fun seeing you on saturday lets link up again soon.

was good being with everyone on saturday night, I enjoyed that...although this whole detox thing is starting to bother me...