Sunday, September 17, 2006

Mosi Larger – Truly Zambian

I am on the last leg of my trip now. I got into Hong Kong last night and will probably head back to China tomorrow. I have had an awesome time traveling around East Africa and I have loads of pictures and adventures to share. Right now my head is still askew so some of those tales are going to have to wait. This is Mosi Larger, and as their catchphrase professes, it is the ‘Truly Zambian’ beer.

Mosi Larger is very popular in Zambia amongst locals and foreigners alike. Although it is a tad bitterer than the larger I am used to, I found the flavor to be satisfyingly unique. I found the locals to be extremely patriotic about their beer and rightfully so. It beats the hell out of supporting a struggling football or cricket team.


Avi said...

if only i could spell i would have realized it is LAGER not LARGER. Dumbass.

AmitD said...

was wondering about that... :)

Welcome back...