Monday, November 20, 2006

Gonzo and the Bubble Butt Pop Rocks

***I spoke with Gonzo on the phone this weekend and he told me about a wild experience he had. I convinced him to write about it. Even I am sick of reading about traveling and it’s about time for some twisted tales. Once again I will warn you in advance that this content is of an adult nature and if you find that kind of stuff offensive, don’t fucking read it. I had some cool pictures to go with this but Blogger is acting the fool again.

Jakarta just is not the same without Avi. Now that most of our mates are married and settling down I suddenly find myself alone. Although I love to roll around the haystack just as much as the next guy, I have never really been one for relationships. I like to keep my affiliation with women strictly plutonic and void of any serious sentiment or commitment whatsoever. Booty calls these days conversely have become few and far between ultimately resulting in my domestication. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Gonzo has a girlfriend. Most have said they would never see the day and that hell would surly freeze over before I begin to settle down but that day has finally come, and I am committed to making this work. I still do not believe in the institution of marriage and that will not change anytime soon but I think this chick might be a keeper, and I owe it all to Pop Rocks.

Bubbles is an Indonesian/Caucasian girl but I am positive she got some Latina or African heritage in her because only they got ass like this. I mean her butt is firm and round! That is what had me form the get go. I only met her about 2 months ago and when I saw her grooving on the dance floor in those tight low cut jeans I nearly creamed myself. Not only does Bubbles have the goods, she knows how to use them as well. She has not got much going on in the chest area but that’s fine by me. I am a total ass man my self. In the facial features department Bubbles is surly not a perfect 10. In fact I would probably say she is a 5, but she makes up for that with her sharp wit and cocky personality. And when a girl has an as like hers, she can even afford to look like Nick Nolte.

It took me about 2 weeks to get into her game and since then things have been spiffy. I am a total freak in bed and I love to explore every fetish that comes to mind just for the sake of it. I have scared off some more timid women in the past and although I would consider myself experienced I will also be the first to admit that I have not tried nearly as much stuff as I would like to. This is partially due to the fact there have been a lack of willing participants to play my games and I even though I do not think there is anything wrong with consensual prostitution, I do not partake in the activity. I did not think I would meet a girl in Indo that could educate me sexually but so far Bubbles has blown my mind. I don’t know what websites she has been surfing or movies she has been watching but she is seriously talented and adventurous. She actually initiates role play when I come over and has even introduced some kinky toys into the mix. I have usually filled the role of the dominating partner in most of my relationships till now but somehow Bubbles has managed to slip into the driver’s seat. And I dig it.

So last week I roll over to her house and as soon as I walk in she treats me like a total stranger and leads me into the bathroom where she proceeds to undress me and then shower me. I played along and kept my hands to my self. It was a slow long shower and I all I really had to do was stand there because she had all bases covered. She then took me to her bedroom where she had lit some candles and had sensuous music playing. Bubbles laid me face down on her bed and proceeded to give me the most amazing massage I have had to date using a variety of tools like a fur glove, a plastic thing with balls on it, and finally some warm fruit scented oil. I will spare you the rest of the kinky details but I will say that as she moved down my body things got more and more interesting.

I LOVE a good blowjob and any man straight or gay who says he does not is a fucking liar. There are good blow jobs and bad blow jobs and if I am not mistaken Avi has written something about it. Place link here. Bubbles has redefined the blowjob for me. She started to give me head with warm water then with ice cubes in her mouth and even some peppermint concoction, all of which I have experienced before. It was mind-blowing, but what she did next was fucking revolutionary. She reached over to her night stand where she pulled out a packet of Pop Rocks candy. I looked at her bewildered and she just giggled. She sprinkled the candy over my balls which were already slightly moist and it began to crackle. She immediately commenced to lick and suck my balls which created an unbelievable sensation. Bubbles then ingested a mouthful of the Pop Rocks and started to suck my dick moving up and down the shaft. The snap, crackle, and pop effect created by the candy left the impression that I was being blown by a firecracker. It was sort of like a tickling sensation combined with small nibbles and bites. I closed my eyes and felt as if I was an enormous being floating through a field of stars, each of them being drawn to my groin like it was the vortex and upon contact each star exploded into some sort of supernova.

I think I am in love. I have heard people profess that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but it is apparent that the path to mine lies between my legs. By the time I came I felt like I was imploding rather than exploding. I must have been making some stupid ass fuck faces but I was out of control. I was having some sort of outer body experience. My body was shaking and quivering like a crack fiend in withdrawal. Bubbles has enlightened me and imparted me with wisdom beyond my wildest imagination. I am born again. Could this be Tantric Sex? Later that night I gave Bubbles my own version of the Pop Rock treatment which we both enjoyed. Then we fell asleep in each others arms and I had the sweetest dreams I can ever remember having.

The reason I am sharing this experience with all of you is so that you can also benefit from what I have learned. Award yourselves and your loved ones with the Pop Rock experience and let’s make this world a better place. Avi and others who know me will testify that I have never had such a positive outlook on the future but this one incident has modified me. Gonzo has been domesticated.


surri said...

wow...not much to say except that i need to try that shit out sometime.....i could use some of that snap, crackle, pop in between my legs too....

Anonymous said...

damn i need to try tt on my partner tt is all i am saying. Pop Rock Candy here i come. :)