Thursday, November 09, 2006

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Blogger in China has been acting the fool again. I was having some trouble posting this last week and it is pretty much impossible for me to leave any comments on Blogger. But I got all the messages pertaining to my HDD failure and mahalo for all the help offered. Indcoup and Ace, I am going to hit you up as soon as I get back to JKT for that info. In fact I would really appreciate the address of the place in Setiabudi so I can send my HDD over this weekend. I actually enjoy getting messages because I know that someone is out there.

Work has been pretty arduous here which is another reason I have been slow to post. I was up in northern China last week which was pretty amazing. Every time I think I have finally absorbed all the shocks China has given me, I am blown away once more. The diversity between cities in this country is immense. Characteristics of the landscape and the people change as you move from one province to another. Where as I have found Guangzhou to lack personality and an identity, I have discovered other cities in China that are like diamonds in the rough, waiting to be explored and discovered. Just as my level of excitement about being in a new country was curbing I once again feel like I have been injected with a shot of adrenaline.

Unfortunately I have not found the time to post my new discoveries and revelations but I should do so pretty soon. I will be traveling again this weekend but after that I plan to chain my self to my desk for one month at least so I can regroup my thought and center my self again. My thoughts are all over the place.

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