Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Frontera 2005 – Cabernet Sauvignon

Guangzhou is cold. People living further north would scoff at me but I still maintain that Guangzhou is fucking cold. I was not raised for this kind of living. I like breaking a sweat during the day and coming home to an air-conditioned room at night. And right now I actually even miss perspiring when I get out of the shower. It beats the hell of what I am doing these days. Unfortunately I was not endowed with a 10 inch penis so I have unbelievable shrinkage to deal with as soon as the shower curtain opens up. The mornings are worse than you can imagine but the nights are even shoddier. The cold is not like a comfortable cold that is ideal for crashing out with a soft quilt. This bitter chill hurts to the bone and my finger tips go numb on a regular basis so I have to keep heating them up with my lighter. But today I have found a cure. Red wine. I cracked open a bottle a while ago and 3 glasses in I am actually quite comfortable. I came across a bottle I bought a few weeks ago, Fontera, a Cabernet Sauvignon from the house of Conchay Toro, Chile.

I am not a wine connoisseur but I do know what I like and I am particularly fond of Chilean wines. I like fruity wines with mellow flavors and I despise dry wines. This wine in particular is described as “medium bodied with aromas of chocolate and red plums and has a lingering harmonic finish”. I like the body of this wine because it is thicker or bolder than most other wines that I come across. And although I find the descriptions on the back of wine bottles to be quite pretentious, I can sense some sweetness in the aroma of this wine. The Fontera Cabernet Sauvignon is going down extremely well in this weather and for anyone looking to experience a good Chilean wine I would recommend this.

I got turned on to Chilean wine a few years ago when a girl I was seeing living in Chile sent me a bottle. I wish I could remember what it was she sent me because it was fucking awesome; a really fruity full bodied red wine. I don’t know if she still reads any of my drivel but if you do, mahalo.


Trundling Grunt said...

They also do a cab-merlot that is fairly decent and as cheap as dirt.

Shan said...

Avi if you are able to, try to get your frozen paws on this bottle that's also from Concha Y Toro : Casillero Del Diablo - affectionately known as just Diablo.
It is hands down one of my fave reds of all time. And for me to make the effort to remember it's name, you know it's gotta be gold.

Incidentally, that means Cellar Of The Devil. Thought you might get a kick out of that :)

BTW the cold sounds awful. What are the temperatures like?

Avi said...

Thanks for the referals. I am definitly going to look out for the DIABLO. I am seriously excited. I got another good one in hand right now that I will probably dive into this weekend.

The temp here is about 13 dergees. I know it does not sound like much, I feel like a little girl.

Shan, any idea whats up with sixth seal?

Surri said...

Avi that is a beautiful wine. One of my favorites as well. They do serve it up in some Wine bars in Jakarta. Look it up down there. Although you might not enjoy it as much as you do in Guangzhou.

Just a thought, I was actually in the grocers today and I picked up a bottle of Wolf Blass Cab Sauv. As soon as I found out it was a twist open bottle I instantly put it back up on the shelf. For some reason those twist open bottles turn me off when it comes to red wine. Something to ponder....

Shan said...

Hi Avi - no idea where HB is. Can't seem to view his blog